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Post-secondary campus

You have thousands of simultaneous users who expect speed, reliability and security in their daily communications. Rely on Shaw Business trusted experience to customize a campus solution to handle a demanding crowd. You'll pass with flying colours.
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      Go big.

      You're big. You need a big solution that fits your budget and connects your student body and staff, all over campus. The Shaw Business experienced in-house team is dedicated to creating a customized, scalable and flexible solution.
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      Meet their need for speed

      Keep your campus humming on a fast and reliable network. Students connect quickly with each other and educators, facilitating communication. Educators easily access presentation material to keep class start times intact.
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      Trust the secure network

      Shaw Business has privacy and redundancy solutions to safely transmit and store data. Student and staff records as well as communications are kept private, as they should be.
“Shaw Business was able to increase our bandwidth by five times what we had before” ~Steve Morris, Director of IT, Ambrose University

Shaw Business recommended solutions

With hundreds of users simultaneously on your network Fiber Gatewaywon't slow Internet speeds down for staff and students. More speed means more learning.

Your Internet costs will be easy to manage with flat rate bundles ensuring that your monthly bills are consistent and you never find yourself over budget.

Keep students and staff on a separate WiFi network, or provide separate networks in specific learning areas like your school library. Different connection speeds can be assigned to different networks depending on their use, allowing for additional savings to keep you within budget. If appropriate for your campus, you can also get Shaw Go WiFi access to set your institution apart.
Ethernet Virtual Private Line delivers a high performance network solution using point-to-point connectivity between two locations. Connect all your locations to the main campus IT office.
Traffic can be prioritized ensuring that staff's activity comes first. Allow staff to be productive by connecting to the network to access class materials quickly or send, receive, and open files instantly.
You have hundreds of employees, students, visitors, and vendors that need to connect using the phone. Whether it's across the campus or across the country, Shaw Business SmartVoice, PRI and SIP Trunking voice solutions will provide a robust solution.
Staff will enjoy keeping up with the news while current events and educational content will keep the classroom engaging and interactive. Customer TV will meet both staff and student needs for connecting with world through television. Dorm life doesn't have to be dull with HDTV. Students will have access to personal viewing of sports, news, entertainment, movies and more.

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Shaw Business service commitment

The Shaw Business Client Services team works with you, at your location, to customize your business communications solutions. And if you are transitioning to Shaw Business, it's easy.

  • 24/7/365 local tech support
  • Dedicated rep and technical sales team to ensure proper planning
  • Solutions-focused consultations
  • Experienced technicians work with your in-house teams for smooth implementation

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