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Single location school

Today's tech-savvy students expect to connect for their learning. Immediately. All the time. And so do your administrators. Rely on Shaw Business for your school's connectivity needs.
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      Have it all

      A full suite of business Internet, phone and TV options boosts learning opportunities and staff productivity. Nobody misses a thing.
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      Spend wisely

      Stay within your budget while giving students and staff the tools they need, with help from Shaw Business experienced in-house teams. They're dedicated to building a scalable and flexible solution that really fits.
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      Trust the Shaw network

      Count on speed, security and reliability from the Shaw network to ensure you're always connected with the speed you need.
4 easy steps to choose the right Internet solution for your business.

Shaw Business recommended solutions

Shaw Business Internet plans provide a scalable solution for your school. Increase or decrease your speeds as your student body grows and shrinks, saving you money.

Smart WiFi is recommended for most single location schools. Maintaining fast speeds depends on the number of users connecting to the network; some schools may be better suited to Business Internet 60 or Business Internet 150 if you have higher demands.

Keep students and staff on a separate WiFi network, or provide separate networks in specific learning areas like your school library. Different connection speeds can be assigned to different networks depending on their use, allowing for additional savings to keep you within budget.
SmartVoice is the professional solution for a busy head office. Incoming calls from vendors, parents, and students can be easily directed with minimal staff answering calls allowing your office to run efficiently. With SmartVoice, staff can have the pleasure collaborating with unified communications in classrooms, libraries, and offices without a capital investment.
Staff will enjoy keeping up with the news, while current events and educational content will keep the classroom engaging and interactive. Office TV will meet both staff and students needs for connecting to world through television.

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Shaw Business service commitment

The Shaw Business Client Services team works with you, at your location, to customize your business communications solutions. And if you are transitioning to Shaw Business, it's easy.

  • 24/7/365 local tech support
  • Dedicated rep and technical sales team to ensure proper planning
  • Solutions-focused consultations
  • Experienced technicians work with your in-house teams for smooth implementation

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