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Shaw's long-distance rates make it affordable to keep in touch with your business contacts and
customers, wherever they are. Check rates by country using the table below.

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Shaw Business
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Phone Plus

Free calling across Canada

Shaw to Shaw Calling† is included with all Business Phone plans. This means you can call Shaw Home Phone, Business Phone and PRI customers at no charge, no matter where in Canada they're located.

Unlimited long distance**

When you rely on long-distance calls every day, choose Business Phone Plus for unlimited calling within Canada and to the U.S.** and 1000 international long-distance minutes to 50 countries.**

Everyday low rates

Benefit from attractive rates when you only need long distance occasionally. Choose Business Phone or Business Phone Basic , and reap the saving on long-distance rates.

Prepaid calling

Shaw Business rates on the go

Get great international calling rates when you're travelling or need to make long-distance calls on your cell phone. Use Shaw's Prepaid Calling Plan from any phone in almost any country with:

  • No connection fees
  • No monthly fees
  • No minimum charge

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Terms & Conditions

*Offers subject to change and are available for new customers who have not subscribed to the applicable Shaw Business product within the last 60 days. Offer subject to change without notice. Prices shown do not include tax. Regular Rates subject to change. Not all Shaw services are available in all regions. Installation fees may apply. Rental equipment must be returned to Shaw if any of your services are cancelled. You may not resell any Shaw Services. All Shaw services are subject to our Joint Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Shaw Phone services are subject to Shaw's Acceptable Use policies under Terms of Use. Other conditions may apply. **Unlimited long-distance calling is available for calls within Canada and to the U.S with the exception for calls made in and to NWT area code 867, Hawaii area code 808, and Alaska area code 907. International long-distance calls to mobile/cellular/specialty numbers, including international services such as premium services, international pages services, international audio-to-text-messaging services and non-geographic or satellite phone numbers are not included with the Unlimited Long-Distance call feature. Long-distance calls made using call forwarding, conference calling, and three-way calling features, or pay-per-call services to areas which impose unusually high costs on Shaw Business are prohibited. Shaw Business reserves the right to terminate enrolment in the unlimited long distance plan. Prices are subject to change. Shaw International calls that exceed the 1000 minutes will be billed at the rate of $0.05-per-minute ($0.02-per-minute for China and Hong Kong). Long distance-rates are subject to change without notice.†The feature free Shaw to Shaw Calling is limited to calls made from and to Shaw Home Phone and Shaw Business Phone (Shaw Business Phone Plus, Shaw Business Phone, Shaw Business Phone Basic). For any other calls long-distance charges apply as outlined above. Offer subject to change without notice.