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Commercial Gateway

Sustain your business activities even in locations that aren't fiber-fed. Commercial Gateway expands with your needs and you only pay for the speed you need.

  • Symmetrical upstream and downstream usage
  • Scales in 1.5 Mbps increments as your business needs grow
Or call us toll-free at 1-855-505-3040
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      Benefit from unparalleled Internet speed

      Shaw Business Internet backbone is built for optimum speed and is robust enough to handle your bandwidth needs. The core network can prioritize Internet traffic to ensure a consistent, fast connection, and it's an ideal solution for redundant fiber backup. Add symmetrical upload and download speeds, and that means fast. Ultra-fast.
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      Control costs with bundled access and usage fees

      Use all the bandwidth that your access can handle without incurring additional usage costs. Design your solution to meet your budget, then sit back and work with no overage surprises.
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      Get support when and where you need it

      Concentrate on business objectives while we look after your network. Shaw Business customers benefit from Service Level Agreements, technical support from our Network Operations Centre and local experts available 24/7/365.
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  • Bandwidth options ranging from 1.5 Mbps to 12 Mbps
  • Symmetrical upstream and downstream usage, scalable in 1.5 Mbps increments
  • Widely available in Canada with no distance limitations
  • Pair with managed Advanced Network Service options if required
  • Static IP

Fiber Network

Shaw Business owns one of the continent's largest fiber-optic networks, reaching through Canada and the United States - so you know when your data needs to get somewhere, it will. With over 1.2 million kilometers of fiber optics in place, and a capacity of over 8 Tbps, our footprint and our reach are nearly unbeatable.

The Shaw Business network is reliable - extending coast-to-coast on two physically divergent paths, meaning your data travels quickly and securely along our redundant infrastructure.

As a forward-thinking, customer-focused organization, Shaw Business continually invests in our network and our technology - you can count on us for an industry-leading experience that scales to meet your business needs today, as well as in the future.

Customer Service

  • Expert technical knowledge for solutions that meet your exact business needs
  • Variable costs that can be managed through bandwidth scaling
  • Online usage statistics tools
  • Service Level Agreements to guarantee the highest standards of performance delivery
  • 24/7/365 support and monitoring
  • Live, experienced personnel for all customer contact to the NOC

Help Me

Shaw Business service commitment

The Shaw Business Client Services team works with you, at your location, to customize your business communications solutions. And if you are transitioning to Shaw Business, it's easy.

  • 24/7/365 local tech support
  • Dedicated rep and technical sales team to ensure proper planning
  • Solutions-focused consultations
  • Experienced technicians work with your in-house teams for smooth implementation


Contact Client Services

Shaw Business Support

Shaw Business Support

Find answers to top business support questions or connect with a Shaw Business expert.

Terms & Conditions

* Available to new customers who have not subscribed to Shaw Business product within the last 60 days. Prices shown do not include tax. Regular rates subject to change. SIP offer is based on a 3-year commitment and is subject to change without notice. Managed PBX price is based on a 5-year commitment and is subject to change without notice. Hosted PBX price is based on a 5-year commitment and is subject to change without notice.


** Where available.

† In accordance with make and models that have been pre-tested with Shaw Business’ network.