Effective March 1, 2017, the Shaw Hosting platform will no longer support legacy PHP versions 4, 5.2, and 5.3. Shaw Hosting will only support PHP 5.6 and above for all new and existing Shaw hosting customers.

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Will this affect my site?

Between March 1 and 30, 2017, servers will automatically be upgraded to PHP 5.6. If your website uses functionality from a legacy version of PHP that is not updated prior to the upgrade date, you may have issues with your website.

To ensure that components on your website work with PHP 5.6, it is best to test it prior to the upgrade. The PHP Manager application will be upgraded to give you the ability to select PHP 5.6 to test and preview your site.

Test sites with PHP 5.6 Prior to the upgrade

  • Navigate to the preview URL with "php56" appended like the example below, where "mydomain" is your domain
          • mydomain.ca.php56-c11.previewyoursite.com/main-page.htm
        • If you experience issues with certain components on your site, ensure that any software you are using is upgraded to the latest version (ie WordPress)

        Additional Resources

        For detailed information on deprecated functionality, refer to Backward Incompatible Changes or Deprecated Features for the appropriate PHP version here: