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Whitepaper – 7 steps to security for your business

June 21, 2016


Whitepaper – 7 steps to security for your business

We see headlines weekly about large, multinational corporations being hacked, but surprisingly it is small businesses that are the most in danger. 60% of targeted attacks in 2014 struck small and medium-size companies.1 And those hacks can really hurt a small business by compromising critical data, exposing customer information, and costing organizations millions of dollars. The average cost of being hacked as a small business is $36,000.2 This amount climbs an additional $8,000 once indirect expenses and damage to reputation are taken into account.3 Why are small businesses such inviting targets? The simple reason is that they often have less cyber security knowledge and fewer resources, which makes them easier to crack. Small businesses also sometimes serve as vendors to large companies, which may be the hacker’s ultimate target. Learn about 7 steps to secure your small business.

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