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Testimonial - The Bottle Depot

December 24, 2014


The Bottle Depot Customer Testimonial

The Bottle Depot has three locations in Victoria, B.C. and its staff of 50 recycle beverage containers, electronics, small appliances and plastics.

The company was becoming increasingly frustrated with its slow Internet connection which was causing problems with the Bottle Depot’s security system.

“We run an IP camera security system which uses up a lot of bandwidth. We were having issues with clarity and frame rates with our old Internet services provider.

The Bottle Depot switched to Shaw Business Internet and immediately increased the Internet speed five-fold.

The security system now operates flawlessly, and we have enough bandwidth for all our operations.

Bundling our Internet, phone and WiFi and free long distance adds up to a savings of $3,500 in the irst year and around $1,000 a year after that.”

~Dan Dahl, Controller, The Bottle Depot

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