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Testimonial - Clarion Hotel Winnipeg

October 27, 2015


Clarion Hotel Winnipeg

Toby Laviolette, Controller, Tech Support at the Clarion Hotel Winnipeg says that since the hotel switched to
Shaw Managed WiFi his daily guest complaints over poor WiFi have disappeared completely.

In addition to the fast and reliable internet service, Toby was impressed with the ability to customize a Clarion
Hotel Winnipeg landing page. With the help of Shaw’s Internet analytics tool, Toby is provided with valuable
guest information which helps him to effectively direct his marketing dollars.

“We have had a lot of positive direct feedback from people saying they love our internet service,” he says. “We
are touting the fact that we have what we consider the fastest internet service in Canada for hotels.”

~ Toby Laviolette, Controller, Tech Support
Clarion Hotel Winnipeg

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