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Testimonial - Pan Pacific Whistler

October 27, 2015


Pan Pacific Whistler Customer Testimonial

The Pan Pacific Mountainside and Pan Pacific Village Centre, located in Whistler B.C. recently converted all of
their guestroom WiFi services to Shaw Managed WiFi after ongoing issues of service interruption and guest
complaints related to the previous supplier.

Shaw did a complete review of the buildings and network and implemented infrastructure changes, as part of
the contract. Shaw worked within peak summer season parameters and completed the installation as promised.

“The conversion was seamless to our customers, and since we switched over we have seen a significant
improvement in our customer satisfaction scores, service and connectivity. There have only been a handful of
issues which were dealt with by Shaw Business support in a timely, helpful and supportive manner. We are very
pleased that we made the switch.”

~ Lloyd Daser, General Manager, Pan Pacific Whistler

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