Boost your marketing strategy with Advantage Marketer’s campaign tools and WiFi analytics. It’s time for your Internet to do more for your customer relationships.


Make your guest network the go-to WiFi experience.

A tablet displays SmartTarget displays customer lists and email campaigns

Secure and easy access

Give customers one-click WiFi access by securely logging in via their social media accounts or email.

One network, every location

After their first login, guest WiFi users will automatically connect across all of your Advantage Marketer-equipped locations, encouraging repeat visits.

Your branded network

Customize your login splash page with templates and an easy-to-use editor for a seamlessly branded experience. Plus, customers get multi-lingual support.


Advantage Marketer comes with Advantage WiFi. You’ll get our most advanced Internet plus anonymous insights into customer shopping patterns.


Truly understand customers with demographic reports on gender, age, region and interests to optimize your marketing efforts. Plus, you own 100% of the data, so sensitive customer info is safe from third-parties.

All-in-one marketing dashboard.

Hyper-targeted ad

Get your offer to the right customer at the right time by easily automating promotions for specific demographics.

Integrated email

Give past customers, current visitors and specific groups targeted email promotions that keep them engaged.

Templates for quick

With customizable social ads, emails, surveys and smart coupons, you can act fast on creating sales out of customer behaviour.

Boost your CRM.

A business owner explores their SmartTarget customer data on a tablet.

More data & more opportunity

No need to be a specialist to understand Advantage Marketer’s dashboard. Metrics about return customers and click-through rates by demographic can help you grow your base.

More flexibility than ever

Advantage Marketer upgrades your customer relationship management to a new level of integration. This new layer of insights can be used to generate better ROI across your communications.

More than just the clicks

Receive customized reporting and analytics in real-time to determine how many customers viewed your ad, returned to your store and took advantage of your offer.

Bundle & save on better marketing.

Advantage WiFi provides an enterprise-grade WiFi experience. Discover how Advantage Marketer takes your WiFi to the next level by adding deep consumer insights.

Advantage WiFi
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Separate networks for guests
Shopping pattern dashboard
Guest WiFi login splash page
Customizable splash page branding
WiFi marketing dashboard
In-store customer surveys
Demographic data collecting
Smart coupons
Automated multi-channel campaigns
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