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Shaw Business Channel Partner Program

Partner with us

Satisfy your customers with complete solutions and service using Shaw Business as your partner. You'll have access to advance connectivity products, a powerful network and valuable resources. Our attractive compensation plans plus marketing and sales support make us a partner you'll be glad to get used to. We'll be here for you, and your business and your customers won't miss a thing.

Leverage the power of Shaw Business products

Deliver the best solutions to your customers by offering Shaw Business cutting-edge connectivity services to them. Depending on your Shaw Business Partner Program level, some or all of these products and services are available for you to sell.



Our cutting-edge infrastructure allows Shaw Business to offer a full range of high-performance cable and fibre-based Internet and wireless Internet solutions, including high-speed plans from 5 to more than 250 Mbps, as well as our Fibre Gateway for more robust performance.


Shaw Business scalable data solutions are designed to provide private network connectivity that is secure and reliable. From small point-to-point connections to large multi-point network solutions, you can choose from a suite of products that will meet the most advance needs, including EVPL, VPLS, Private Line and Wavelengths.


From a single fax line with just the essential features to robust voice solutions backed with Service Level Agreements, Shaw Business' voice plans deliver reliable connectivity for every type and size of business.


Business TV bundles tailored by industry, pay-per-view sporting content and a full suite of programming add-ons give any type of size of business the ability to offer their clientele an exceptional viewing experience. All with superior picture and sound quality.

Choose the right partner level for your business

1. Elite Partner Level

The Elite Partner Level offers our highest level of engagement and includes:

  • Competitive compensation
  • Access to our entire product portfolio, plus helpful marketing and training tools
  • Pre-and post-sales support
  • A minimum volume of business requirement
  • Maximum commitment to Shaw Business

2. Premier Partner Level

Suited for those specialized in select communication solutions, this level includes:

  • Attractive compensation
  • Access to select products and services, helpful marketing and training tools
  • Pre-and post-sales support
  • A minimum volume of business requirement

3. Access Partner Level

Access Level enrollment is suited for new partners or those interested in select Shaw Business services. It includes:

  • Rewarding compensation
  • Access to select products and services
  • Access to select sales and marketing resources

4. Referral Partner Level

The Referral Partner Level offers partners a convenient way of doing business with Shaw Business with competitive compensation.