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Dedicated Private Cloud

Enjoy the control and security of a dedicated private cloud

Reduce time and cost associated with infrastructure management while enjoying the agility and efficiency of a customized cloud environment accessible only to your organization. Virtual Machines on dedicated compute blades offer businesses greater performance and control.

  • Combining certified cloud experts with high-end technologies from Cisco and VMware
  • Backed by an unbeatable 24/7/365 customer experience

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Dedicated Private Cloud features

Created for businesses that desire greater control over their infrastructure or a completely dedicated architecture, our Dedicated Private Cloud is ideal for elastic computing performance and agility, while addressing strict regulatory compliance requirements.

  • A secure and compliant cloud environment
  • Completely dedicated architecture from top to bottom
  • Increased flexibility and delivery speed
  • Fully configurable virtual machines with access to statistics and monitoring information
  • Highly redundant infrastructure
  • Cloud server operating systems (CentOS, Red Hat, Windows)
  • Certified cloud experts provide ongoing configuration and support

Certified infrastructure

Our Dedicated Private Cloud environments are powered by high-end VMware technologies and our cloud infrastructure is certified Cisco Powered.

Your key to compliance

Shaw’s certified cloud experts will help you design, deploy and manage a private cloud environment dedicated to you, maximizing your security and availability while meeting demanding and complex regulatory requirements.

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