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Virtual Private Cloud

Support your business needs with scalable cloud solutions

Offering a feature-rich, multi-tenant environment, our Virtual Private Cloud solutions can be configured to meet your unique business needs. With elastic computing resources and a high-performance network, Virtual Private Cloud is ideal for small, medium and large businesses experiencing rapid growth, heavy or variable traffic loads or running complex network applications.

  • Combining certified cloud experts with high-end technologies from Cisco and VMware
  • Backed by an unbeatable 24/7/365 customer experience

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Virtual Private Cloud features

Our Virtual Private Cloud is designed to maximize performance, efficiency and scalability. We provide a pool of resources allowing you to properly size your virtual machines based on their performance requirements. This eliminates wasted resources, resulting in cost savings.

  • Self-service or Shaw managed environment with burst options
  • Easily expand or contract the size of your Virtual Private Cloud to adapt with demand
  • Increased flexibility and delivery speed
  • Highly redundant infrastructure
  • Cisco & VMware powered
  • Cloud servers Operating Systems (CentOS, Red Hat, Windows)
  • Certified cloud experts provide ongoing configuration and support

Certified Infrastructure

Dedicated Private Cloud environments are powered by high-end VMware technologies and our Cloud infrastructure is certified Cisco Powered.

The environment is audited against industry leading design and operations best practices; validating our architecture and application performance, reliability, and security.

Offering flexibility and control

With Shaw’s Virtual Private Cloud, you’re not stuck in a restrictive, canned environment. Program using your preferred languages, .Net, JAVA, Python, Ruby, or whatever fits your needs. Elastic resources allow you to get the computing power you need when you need it and to pay only for what you use.

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