LTE Backup


Give your business peace of mind with an automatic backup connection when needed, meaning you can still access your critical devices and online applications25.


  1. Your Internet is affected by a disruption
  2. LTE Backup automatically switches on to ensure you still have Internet access for your vital applications and devices
  3. Disruption is resolved, and you’re automatically switched back to your regular network

Because customer satisfaction is always #1

  • Ensure customers are always able to make payments and place orders
  • Whether you’re a retail store or restaurant, ensure your point-of-sale (POS) system can keep processing payments
  • Continued access to your website and apps ensures you can still receive online orders

Keep calm and let your business carry on

  • Accessing critical cloud apps and online services ensures your employees can keep collaborating

  • From medical records to client files, continue to access vital data stored on your network or in the cloud

  • If your business uses Advantage Voice, LTE Backup keeps the lines of communication open.

Maintain your business security at all times

  • Ensure the safety and security of your business, network and customer data even during a disruption

  • Security devices like smart cameras remain online25 so you’ll always have eyes where you need them

  • Whether you need to update passwords or check analytics, continue to access and manage your security devices via the cloud

It’s one less thing you have to worry about as an entrepreneur. LTE Backup gives you peace of mind to really focus on your business.

Gil Carlos, Owner of Bro'kin Yolk
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