Get 6 months on us.

Stay connected with Enterprise-grade WiFi with coverage in every corner. Now, get 6 months on us60 with select Advantage WiFi 3-year term plans.

Advantage WiFi benefits.

Get wall-to-wall coverage and web analytics for invaluable customer insights. All supported by extraordinary fast speeds of Gig 2.0.

Complete Coverage

Experience reliable enterprise-grade WiFi with strategically placed, professionally-installed access points.

Enhanced Security

Safeguard valuable business data with dedicated networks for employees and guests, ensuring utomost confidentiality.

24/7 Support

Benefit from zero-touch configuration, remote monitoring, and speedy troubleshooting, all supported by our professional technicians.

WiFi 6

Ensure maximum download speeds for single and multiple devices at full signal strength with our next-generation WiFi 6 capable modem.

Manage your business with professional-grade tools.

A waiter serving coffee to a person working on their laptop in a cafe.

Location analytics

Get insights into your WiFi network traffic patterns and make informed decisions to increase sales and boost repeat business.

Customized logins

Ensure all those on your WiFi network have a consistent experience. Add a custom splash page for login with your logo and company branding.

Customer insights

Serve your customers better by understanding when and how long they’re on your network. This will help you develop custom business strategies for your market.

Bundle TV or phone for $10 off.

Activate Advantage WiFi on a 3-year term, pair it with a 3-year Business Phone58 or 5-year TV59 plan and enjoy a $10/mo bundle discount.
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More Internet solutions.

Advantage Mobility

Join Canada's largest 5G network9 and get mobile at a great deal when bundled with internet.
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Advantage Marketer

Boost Advantage WiFi with customer analytics, a marketing dashboard, quick templates & more.
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Advantage Security

Protect your business with trusted next-gen firewalls and revolutionary intrusion prevention.
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Your 24/7/365 IT team.

Trouble-free installation

Leave the hassle of hardware and software setup to us.

Professional-grade equipment

Get advanced technologies that work hard for you.

Employee training

Manage your technology alongside a dedicated partner.
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