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Real Time Security Technology Keeps This Storage Facility Safe

Laura Maitland has been storing and protecting people’s cherished items for over 20 years, so she knows a thing or two about making customers feel secure. She’s the VP of sales and operations for her family business, Winnipeg’s ADM Storage. The company does everything you can do with a storage container—rent, sell, and modify any of their 1,500 containers for use.

They store personal goods, rent containers for temporary offices on construction sites or outside hospitals, modify them into ready-to-move housing components—even build movie sets for films like Traffic Control and A Dog’s Purpose. “That was a lot of fun,” says Laura. “There’s never a dull moment.”

The majority of their business is providing monthly storage on their 16.5-acre property. The size of the space, while impressive, also used to be a point of contention when it came to internet connection and communication between staff members, until they chose Shaw Business as their provider.

I think Shaw Business is good for small business, because they've always catered to them. I know they’re going to take care of us.

Laura Maitland, VP of Sales and Operations, ADM Storage

“We were going through a struggle with our previous connections. Yard staff were running to the office every time they needed to send or receive information about a shipping container,” says Laura. Now, using SmartWiFi, those staff members can connect from anywhere on the property, with a signal just as strong as in the office.

“It helps run our operations more smoothly. There’s less wait time.” The move to dedicated fibre also sped up the connection, and allowed customers to have access to guest WiFi while in their storage units.

While upgrading their connection this past summer, ADM Storage also added SmartSurveillance to their bundle. As a storage facility, providing a secure space is a top priority for Laura and her family. “We wanted to make sure we had everything at our fingertips,” says Laura. “From our phones or computers, we can see details, motion, and you can focus on certain areas.”

The smooth transition to more accessible, real time security technology even has ADM Storage looking to add more cameras to their lot, for their own peace of mind, and as a deterrent to would-be thieves. “Once we started working with it we started seeing how nice it is,” she says. “And it’s nice for people to know that we’re keeping their belongings secure and safe on site.”

If there ever was an emergency, Laura is always connected to her phone. The company provides 24/7 contact support for that very reason, and since adopting Shaw Business’ SmartVoice, Laura doesn’t have to worry about missing a call. “Calls go right to my cell phone and I get emails if I miss a call where I can listen to the voicemail right away,” she says.

“During shifts, they can forward a call right to my phone if I'm in the yard. I’m always connected. There’s no downtime.”

That kind of personal touch makes a big difference for a small family business who prides themselves on longtime customers. That understanding is what drew Laura to Shaw Business in the first place. “I liked that it was local. I think Shaw Business is good for small business, because they've always catered to them,” says Laura. “I know they’re going to take care of us.”

Laura and her family value that feeling of care because it’s something they work so hard to provide for their own clients every day. “A lot of our customers have been here long term and even if they go somewhere else they always come back,” she says.

“We maintain the property, provide support, people feel secure—and that’s kind of nice.”

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