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From farm to conference table

GridStone President Lynette Lefsrud learned about running her own business from one of the riskiest businesses in the world — farming. All those lessons her family experienced on that farm in Central Alberta has stuck with her, especially the importance of risk taking. It’s that entrepreneurial spirit that inspired Lynette to start GridStone, a Calgary-based branding and communications company.

A collective of strategists, creators and planners, they specialize in creating custom solutions for their many clients, including those in oil and gas, tech and the burgeoning cannabis market. While GridStone helped their clients gain a marketing edge, GridStone turned to Shaw Business to help them better connect to their clients.

Any kind of tool that allows you to automate or streamline can help you reach extraordinary heights.

Lynette Lefsrud, President of GridStone

Being there for your clients

“We only used cell phones because we were very flexible and fluid as an organization,” recalls Lynette of GridStone’s early days.

At that time, they had no receptionist or conference room landlines. Fortunately, the company had become adept at going with the flow. Thanks to services like SmartVoice, they could ensure no call would go unnoticed.

Through a suite of features, SmartVoice helped GridStone stay nimble as they grew. They didn’t have to worry about clients not being able to get a hold of them or a call being redirected to the wrong person. Instead, it helped them maintain the highest levels of excellence and professionalism that has come to define their team. “SmartVoice is geared to a fast turnaround type of organization of our size,” says Lynette.

The value of efficiency

As part of their SmartVoice plan, GridStone also has access to Shaw’s on-going support and customizable options. This has been perfect for a small business with plans to grow, since it’s easy and hassle-free to update services with minimal impact to operations. “Shaw has always kept pace with us as we’ve been growing,” says Lynette.

As useful as that has been, one particular SmartVoice features has been a major time-saver. Before, Lynette wasn’t just President of her company, but also the part-time receptionist. Auto Attendant changed all that. The feature automatically directs calls to the right person, even if no one’s manning the reception desk. It’s helped change the way she and her team work so they can better serve their clients.

“We’ve grown up,” says Lefsrud. “Any kind of tool that allows you to automate or streamline can help you reach extraordinary heights.”