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Penny Fausta Pharmacy

Being available for customers sets this local pharmacy apart.

Penny Fausta Pharmacy is a modern take on the way local pharmacies used to be—small, personal, and community-oriented. Their first storefront, which opened its doors in Calgary June 2018, is part pharmacy, part retail space specializing in health and lifestyle products like skin care and supplements, along with the usual consultations, and filling of prescriptions.

“It’s not your typical pharmacy,” says part-owner and Director of Corporate Development, Geoff Gordon. “It’s a more personable approach, more inviting, more relaxed. We’re really focused on our neighbourhood and our community.” The boutique feel of the space lends a calming air to what can sometimes be a confusing, or even nerve-wracking errand.

It’s important to be able to get a hold of
people or for people to get a hold of us.

Geoff Gordon, part-owner and Director of Corporate Development

When medication questions come in, this small business makes sure the call goes through

Geoff opened Penny Fausta with his two partners, Fausta Charlong and Penny Thomson, both clinical pharmacists. The goal was always a customer-focused experience that kept in mind the nature of the work that pharmacists do, and the context in which they get to know their clientele. “Being sick is super stressful,” says Geoff. “The more comfortable people are, the more productive you are.”

Part of the relationship they build with their customers and patients is based on trust and reliability. The small business uses Shaw Business’s SmartVoice as part of that approach because it works seamlessly across devices and provides a service on par with what a larger chain pharmacy can offer in terms of professional care.

With features like auto-attendant, a virtual assistant to aid with easy and professional call transfers, and flexible mobility allowing calls to be answered away from the desk, SmartVoice allows Penny Fausta Pharmacy to give customers what they need, when they need it, even with a much smaller staff. “It’s important because a lot of the time patients need to get a hold of you, it’s urgent—people have run out of a medication. They need it now,” says Geoff.

Stuck with a previous system that wasn’t working for them, Geoff says the team turned to Shaw Business in order to get up to speed and providing top level customer care. “We told Shaw Business the struggles we were having. They replaced the phones right away. That saved us,” he says. They even connected with their own personal customer service agent who they could contact with any problems. “He solved issues every time for us, very quickly,” says Geoff.

And in the health world, issues surrounding communication need fast resolutions. One of the company’s main points of focus is complex care patients, which Geoff describes as people with chronic diseases, for example, who require multiple drugs with varying schedules. That extra layer of complexity makes not missing a call all the more necessary. “It’s important to be able to get a hold of people or for people to get a hold of us.”

“I just like to be able to make a difference and really help people,” says Geoff. “At the end of the day that’s what we’re trying to do.”