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High Speed WiFi Connects Spa Clients With Self-Care

No one knows better than Jessica Smith what a difference the gift of self-care and relaxation can make. The master aesthetician and owner of Saskatoon, Saskatchewan’s Polished Beautyspa, has been providing her clients with luxurious experiences for almost 20 years.

“I refer to myself as a day-maker,” says Jessica. “We all work so hard and put our self-care on the back burner, so it’s nice to be able to provide that.”

After working in other spas for many years Jessica, an authorized distributor and provincial training specialist for Eminence Organic Skincare, decided she could provide her clients with something a little different. So, in 2013 she opened her own business and did just that.

Shaw Business was proactive. When they were able to define the solution, our goal was to have it in hand prior to our busy summer season. That was a feel-good moment all around.

Jessica Smith, Owner of Polished Beautyspa

Rapid growth requires services that can keep up, and for Jessica that meant fast, reliable WiFi. “I switched to Shaw Business, because I needed something super fast,” she says. “Everything happens through our salon software and it runs off of the cloud.”

From her POS, to her wireless payment machines, appointment booking system, and inventory control, everything requires a strong WiFi signal in order to function. “Right down to playing music,” she says. “Without it, everything would come to a standstill.”

That’s why Jessica switched to Shaw Business in 2019 to avoid the patchy service she was previously putting up with. The move was an obvious one, as she’s been a personal Shaw customer for over 20 years. “We use it for my personal services business at home, too,” she adds. “I always go back to Shaw.”

That kind of dependability also gives Polished customers peace of mind that their confidential information is being stored safely. From their unique client profiles in the salon’s software system, Jessica can access health and medical info, and the client’s skincare prescription and treatment plan. Repeat customers, as many of her clients are, don’t need to worry about remembering what treatment they had in the past, or which products achieved the desired results—it’s all right there in the online profile.

Providing a high level of customer service enables Jessica to keep her loyal clients happy, and bring in new business. When it comes to personal services and wellness, it’s all in the details—from chakra balancing music to warm, aromatic towels. “I’ve always grown my business through word of mouth and five-star reviews,” she says. That may explain why Jessica has continuously, year over year, experienced 10-20% growth of her business.

With that kind of upward movement as an entrepreneur, every minute counts. Any time spent troubleshooting technology would take away from the work Jessica loves doing. “I feel very confident knowing that the signal is strong, and that we won't have any interruptions to our service,” she says. “It feels great never having to get in touch with customer service. I’m very happy.”

And so are her customers. Years of experience paired with a genuine desire to go to work everyday shows up in the success of her business. “Think about what you love and spend your days doing that,” she advises. “When you’re doing services with love everything else falls into place.”