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The Latest Scoop

An immersive shopping experience

When Deb Nicol decided to open a store, she wanted to make something different—not just a retail concept but a creative shopping experience. That’s how The Latest Scoop was born, a one-stop-shop set of boutiques that sell a little bit of everything current and on-trend, from clothing, to gifts, to housewares, and more. Each store has its own unique look and feel, and is bursting with eye-catching items.

“Sometimes you just want to go shopping, sometimes you just want to be inspired,” says Nicol. “We want people to stop and linger and discover things.” Luckily the owner and founder gets to do a lot of the discovering on her own, along with her head buyer. “A real bonus is I travel internationally—Paris, Italy, Turkey, Bali. I get a lot of inspiration from stores in other cities.”

Having a reliable source is really important to us. We trust Shaw Business.

Deb Nicol, Owner of The Latest Scoop

Staying connected is key for this travelling business owner

As a jet-setter, Nicol needs to be able to access her products and connect with her employees from anywhere. That’s why she moved so much of her business to the Cloud using Shaw Business SmartWiFi and Internet. “I travel a lot—monthly—and I need to be able to communicate with my staff about the same things,” she says. “Having a reliable source is really important to us. We trust Shaw Business.”

This Perfectly Instagrammable Store Has the WiFi to Match

With six locations and over 70 employees the business has grown steadily since its inception in 2001. Locations in well-trafficked areas of Vancouver and Toronto only add to the need for reliable service. “As a retailer, if your internet is down you can’t make a sale,” says Nicol. “We’re in high-rent locations, so I’ve known people where their internet has been out for a day and, honestly, that throws their numbers off.”

Having all internet-based tools for in-person transactions means the connection needs to be consistent for a positive customer interaction. When you rely on foot traffic, the shopping experience needs to be seamless. “We have used Shaw Business for various locations, and we always had good service,” says Nicol. “Any issue or question we’ve had has been looked after immediately. It’s a number one tool for us.”

And for a small business without much budget for marketing, dependable in-store internet is key. “We have a good strong following on Instagram. That’s our marketing,” says Nicol. “If [influencers] don’t have reliability of the internet to post a photo, it’s buried in what they’ve seen that day.”

Enabling those little moments to happen goes a long way when it comes to gaining a new audience. And for Deb Nicol, that’s what this curated, visually-rich experience is all about—the customer.

“I absolutely love what I do. I love working with people,” says Nicol. “I love making them happy, and I know if I can accomplish those things the success comes.”