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With smooth, reliable WiFi connections, these athletes can focus on results

Walk into any gym and you’re bound to see people scattered around on different machines, headphones in, minding their own business. But to Will Kinsman, General Manager of Undefeated Health and Performance, exercise is a community event. At his Winnipeg gym you won’t find people plugged in, but rather tuned into each other and their journeys to fitness.

“We pride ourselves on the community aspect because it indirectly holds people accountable to what they’re trying to accomplish,” says Will. “We’re more than just a gym.” Personal trainers work with every guest, ensuring great bang for your buck as well as proven results.

Open since 2012, Undefeated recently moved to a new 7,500 square foot space to accommodate their growing community. Because they use Shaw Business for their WiFi, one thing they didn’t have to worry about in such a large venue was spotty service. “With our old provider, WiFi wasn’t great—operations between the front and back of the facility were hit or miss,” he says.

“With Shaw Business we have WiFi hotspots that work so well we can project into the parking lot so when we go outside we can bring a bluetooth speaker to keep the music going.”

Music is, of course, a key player in the gym, making reliable WiFi a must-have. “Most of the time during someone’s hour they’re going to be breathing heavily—not many people like to listen to themselves breathe,” he says. “If WiFi goes down and we can’t play music it’s a major problem. It’s no longer an enjoyable hour for someone.”

And for many busy people, especially working parents, finding an hour for the gym is hard enough as it is. That’s why, in addition to having a private Shaw Business SmartWiFi network, Undefeated offers a guest network, which many patrons use when they bring in their kids while they workout.

“Knowing your kid’s not going to disturb you in the hour is awesome—they have their screen,” says Will.

On top of that, Will and his team are constantly connected to SmartWiFi for taking video, uploading marketing materials to their social media, as well as dealing with the billing and class scheduling through their app. “On the business side, I need to be able to access all that information at any given time, so access to quality WiFi is necessary.”

On the business side, I need to be able to access all that information at any given time, so access to quality WiFi is necessary.

Will Kinsman, General Manager of Undefeated Health & Performance

Running any small business, access to information is a key component to success. Will and his team invested in SmartSurveillance for that reason. Cameras throughout their large facility help act almost like a third team member. “For (assistant manager) Rich and I being the only two full-time employees, there’s downtime in the gym when we’re the only ones there,” says Will.

“So we have it set up that if someone comes into the facility outside of a certain time of day we get a notification, which means it also works as a kind of alarm system.”

In the huge new space, Will’s office is far from the front door, but with SmartSurveillance he’s able to monitor every coming and going from his computer. “And if I get a notification after hours, it goes right to my cell phone,” he says. Should anything go wrong, the footage is easy to find. “It’s easy to scroll back a couple of days and find what you need,” says Will. And working with heavy equipment, SmartSurveillance works as a kind of insurance. “If something went wrong you could pull up the feed and protect yourself in a certain way, “ he says.

Little things like that take some of the business pressure off Will and his team so they can get back to doing what they love. “I get to come in every day with some of my best friends to take very fulfilling journeys with our clients,” he says.

“It doesn’t feel like work.”

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