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The WiFi solution helps this husband and wife team make their business dreams come true

When you’re a kid it’s a sought-after treat, as an adult it’s a dessert tinged with nostalgia; ice cream is a favourite for people of all ages and all walks of life. But Ailynn and Jason Wong of Edmonton’s Yelo’d Ice Cream & Bake Shoppe have added yet another layer of interest to an already beloved food by creating flavours you won’t find at just any parlour.

The husband and wife team founded the Filipino and Asian fusion ice cream and bake shop in June 2018 because they wanted to bring forward some flavours familiar to them, but perhaps new and exciting to others. “We do a lot of flavours based on our childhood and our families,” says Ailynn. “Our parents are a good fact checkers. We’ll come up with a flavour and they’ll try it and let us know if it reminds them of something from when they were younger. It’s more of a feeling than a flavour.”

From their parents to their own kids, Yelo’d is a family business at heart. “The idea for this business came from our youngest,” says Ailynn. “We want it to be a place our children hope to grow into eventually and take it on.” That sense of kinship extends to all of their 15 staff members, too. “Our employees are like family and they treat us like family as well,” says Jason. But for now Jason and Ailynn, who use Shaw Business SmartWiFi in their shop, are still on the front lines everyday, building their small business from the ground up—where every dollar counts.

“We use Shaw Business for everything from our POS, to our music, to our security system and alarm,” says Jason. “Every device that comes in or out of here uses that wifi.” That’s why reliability is key, especially in their busiest months in the summer. “If the internet is unreliable, we’re unsure about taking payments at those times. It really puts us on the hook,” says Jason. “It leaves us feeling very uncomfortable as a new business. A couple hundred dollars here or there is a lot to us.”

We use Shaw Business for everything from our POS, to our music, to our security system and alarm.

Jason Wong, Co-founder of Yelo'd Ice Cream & Bake Shoppe

They chose Shaw Business because it was the most convenient, and so easy to set up. “The installation was very quick, and very professional,” says Ailynn. “And the tech support has been great.” Others in their building used Shaw Business as well, which made it an obvious choice for the couple. “It’s a nice tight community,” says Ailynn. “There’s many of us who own similar small businesses and we share resources.”

That concept of sharing extends, of course, to their delicious offerings. One of their signature ingredients? Ube, a vibrant-coloured sweet purple yam with a nutty flavour. For people unfamiliar with the flavours, there’s the promise of finding something new you might never have otherwise tried. “First of all it’s ice cream, not Fear Factor,” quips Jason. “And we get told all the time that our customers will bring our ice cream to their parents who haven’t had the flavours since they moved to Canada.”

Four ice cream cones, each a different colour and flavour
Business owners smile and pose in front of store

Their soft serve is made with fresh ingredients like passionfruit or mango, rather than syrup, and they cater to their customers in the winter months with a creation they call “hot ice cream.” They also serve giant ice cream cake sandwiches, and brightly coloured waffle fortune cookies. “We have something for everyone here,” says Jason. Even their name, a Tagalog play on the word “iced,” pays homage to the type of fun and engaging confections you’ll find inside.

They’re opening their second ice cream truck this summer so they can spread their concoctions as wide as possible. “Being as creative as we can be is nice,” says Jason. “As entrepreneurs, seeing a direct correlation between what we create and how well it’s received by the people trying it—that’s easily one of the most rewarding things we’ve experienced.”