Discover how easy it is to customize your SmartWiFi splash page to increase engagement with your customers.

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Choosing splash page options

Available for both the private and guest WiFi networks, you can choose 3 access options:

  • None: Direct Access, the connection works automatically. Wi-Fi users will see no custom message or any notification. No opportunity to reach out to customers to increase engagement.
  • Click-through: WiFi users get a custom message that you manage. You can update the message any time you like, and set the frequency for how often users will see the message come back up. Use click-through to highlight your hours, current promotions, new items in store or anything else to help communicate with your customers.
  • Sign-on with Facebook WiFi: Sign-on with Facebook Wi-Fi requires a user to "Like" your business Facebook page in order to use your guest WiFi network. Users also get your Facebook updates in their Facebook news feed, and their friends will see your business under the user's Likes section of their Facebook profile. This can help leverage social media for repeat visits if you use your Facebook Business page to keep people up to date with business news.

Click-through management

  1. Login to
  2. Go to 'Network' and select 'Wireless settings'.
    • Network wireless settings (click to enlarge)
  3. In 'Splash Page' section, select 'Click-through'.
    • Splash page click-through option (click to enlarge)
  4. After selecting 'Click-through' you will be presented with the following options:
    • Message: Messages can be entered in plain text or HTML format. Shaw doesn't help support use of HTML and its use should be handled by advanced users only. HTML can only be used for formatting purposes and embedding images or links won't work.
      • Click-through message (click to enlarge)
    • Splash Logo: puts a logo in top right corner of the splash page. Images larger than 200 x 100 will be resized. Using PNG, JPEG or GIF is recommended.
      • Upload your own custom logo
    • Splash Language: only English will show on the splash page and language choice will not change things at this time.
    • Splash Frequency: is how often the splash page will reappear for WiFi users. This can be adjusted from every 30 minutes to Monthly. Setting frequency more quickly is handy if you want to use the splash page for customer information about sales or product promotions.
      • Splash page options
  5. Select 'Save Changes' when done.
  6. Test out your new settings to make sure they work as intended.

Sign-on with Facebook Wi-Fi management

  1. Log in to Facebook with your Business Facebook profile.
    • You will need admin level access to your business Facebook page. If you have lower level access and these steps fail, please contact your Facebook page's administrator.
  2. In a new browser window, login to
  3. Go to 'Network' and select 'Wireless settings'.
    • Network wireless settings
  4. In 'Splash Page' section, select 'Sign-on with Facebook Wi-Fi'.
    • Sign-on with Facebook Wi-Fi (click to enlarge)
  5. Select 'Save Changes'.
  6. Select 'Here' from message 'Click here to finish configuring your Facebook Wi-Fi settings'.
    • Click here to finish configuring your Facebook Wi-Fi settings (click to enlarge)
  7. This should auto recognize your business Facebook page.

More info can be found on Facebook: