Learn some network basics and the best way to use your printer with SmartWiFi.

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Network printer basics

  • Printers don't need to be connected by WiFi to allow wireless printing. They just have to be connected to the same private network. Connecting printers by Ethernet is preferred when possible, and won't usually won't require managing any connectivity settings when wired in.
  • Because SmartWiFi creates multiple networks for private and guest, this can cause confusion when trying to use a network printer from wireless devices that are connected to the wrong WiFi network. Keeping to clear naming of '___ Private' and '___ Guest' for your network names can help greatly.
  • Without a lot of configuration, network printers can only be accessed by devices on the same internal network as the printer. There are solutions available to allow for remote printing so that your device can print from a remote location or from a secondary network within your office. Consult your IT person, or look up 'remote network printing' in an online search as this isn’t something Shaw can help configure.

Network use

  • Private network: any device connected wired or wirelessly to the private network will be able to print.
  • Guest network: guests won’t be able to print on your network printers. This is an intentional security precaution as the guest access doesn't connect to other devices, it only provides internet access. If someone in your office accidentally connected to the guest network and needs to print, have them forget this network and connect to the proper internal network.

Managing internal networks

  • You may have an extra network with your own router from before you had SmartWiFi installed. Unless there’s a security need to run multiple separate networks, this can be reconfigured by removing the secondary (previous) router and start using your SmartWiFi setup directly. SmartWiFi equipment does allow for static IP use, custom port settings and other common changes made to routers. See 'Manage your SmartWiFi router settings' for more info about this.
  • Some offices may run multiple networks, with some that are separate from the SmartWiFi network. For devices on these separate networks, you may need to look into the 'remote network printing' mentioned above in Network printer basics, or consider re-configuring so that the devices and printer are part of the same network.