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Give your employees and customers engaging content they’ll enjoy.

Plans start at $56.00/mo 37

Theme Packs let you customize your programming.

Bring customers more of what they love with a variety of channels.

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A tv showing a cooking show
A tv showing a baseball game
A tv showing a news broadcast
A tv showing a drama movie
A tv showing a kids' animated show
A tv showing a french show

Sports programming puts your customers in the action.

A tv showing a tennis match


Keep your customers on the edge of their seats with live events from UFC and HBO Boxing.

Subscription sports

Seasonal subscriptions to live-action events keep customers coming back.

Sports Theme Packs

Three sports Theme Packs ensure you watch the right game at the right time.

HD hardware with 24/7/365 support.

Trouble-free installation

Let us get your TV hardware all set up.

HD box included

Tune in to programming with a sharp picture and clear sound.

Easy to control

Find what you want quickly with an on-screen interactive guide.
  • DCX 3200 HD Box
    DCX 3200 HD Box
    • Dolby Digital 5.1 surround sound
    • AC3, PCM, Dolby 5.1 Pro Logic digital audio capability
    • 1080p, 1080i, 720p, 480i HD output
    • On-screen interactive program guide


    • Shaw universal remote control
    • HDMI cable
    • Coaxial cable
    • IR receiver with tether cord


    • RF coax cable in
    • IR in
    • HDMI out
    • Component video out
    • Composite video out
    • RCA audio out
    • Digital audio out

    Rent additional HD boxes

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