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The Right Tech Can Help You Create a Seamless Customer Experience

There are so many touchpoints where your customer might come into contact with your business, so it’s critical they all remain connected and consistent. Whether you run a bricks and mortar establishment working face to face with customers, or you offer solutions and services online, you want to be known for delivering a high level of service in every customer interaction.

This is where technology can help bolster your efforts. By employing the right tools in crucial areas, you can work with peace of mind knowing your customer interactions are well supported. Here are a few ways that Shaw Business’ tech solutions can help you provide the ultimate customer experience.

Reduce admin time

Providing an unforgettable customer experience requires you to place your focus where it needs to be. Administrative tasks, like keeping track of call queues and replying to timely voicemails take you out of the in-person interaction where your skills are best applied. Tools like Shaw Business’ SmartVoice take administrative tasks off your plate, enabling you to give your full attention to the customer.

Features like Auto Attendant direct calling customers to the right person or information, ensuring no time is wasted at this valuable touchpoint. Voicemails can easily pile up when you’re a busy organization, so being able to prioritize important customer calls using SmartVoice's voicemail-to-email function means being able to triage issues and provide fast solutions that make your customers’ days.

“We use SmartVoice for our waitlist system—we didn’t have a queue system before,” says Carly Mckenzie, regional manager of The Bro’Kin Yolk, a small family-owned chain of restaurants. “Now we’re able to help more people in a shorter timespan.”

Additional features like on-hold messaging demonstrate a level of care for anyone willing to wait for information from your business. When it comes to creating invaluable customer experience, every moment counts.

Give guests access while protecting your network

When you have a physical location, the next level of great customer experience is making your business feel as comfortable as home. Providing a guest network for customer use is practically table stakes at this point, so people notice when the connection is as good as their home network.

Shaw Business’ SmartWifi allows you to offer three separate networks within your space: one for guests, one for staff, and a Shaw Go WiFi network that provides your customers high speed, high quality connections to help them browse, download, and have a more enjoyable customer experience.

“We love when people come in and want to share their experience with us online,” says co-owner of Vancouver vegan restaurant BeetBox Justin Tisdall. “That’s a sense of building community, so that’s why we offer public WiFi.”

The advantage of multiple networks is assurance that your business functions remain secure for your employees, while the guest network serves the customers. Automatic monitoring also ensures your network stays at top performance, paired with SmartWifi's analytics which can tell you when and for how long guests are using your network. This kind of information is invaluable when it comes to developing better business strategies.

Uncover customer patterns

Another way to bolster your strategies is through intentionally tracking customer behaviour to help you optimize your sales and marketing. Solutions like Shaw Business’ SmartSurveillance isn’t merely for security purposes—it can be a source of data that could alter your merchandising plan.

SmartSurveillance's motion heat mapping tool highlights where in your locations gets the most traffic, and common pathways customers take to navigate your space. This kind of information can help you prioritize item displays or even help to create a better spatial flow.

People-counting technology is possible with this same technology and it’s the kind of data you can use to track trends in your seasons or engagement with promotions. Being able to compare the number of people entering a store with the number of purchases made that same day allows you to create a foundation of data that can help you for years to come.

Creating a great customer experience is about more than friendly faces and quality products—it’s about making sure every touchpoint is efficient and easy, making the customer feel heard and cared for. When you can employ technology to take administrative tasks off your plate, and bolster your customer data automatically, you can get back to doing what you do best.

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