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How to manage IT security at work, home, and everywhere in between

As lockdown restrictions ease and teams begin making their way back into the office, businesses face new cyber security challenges. With some teams flexing between home and work, and some full-time at either venue, there are a lot of devices—and data—flying around. Here are a few ways your business can keep its information safe while your employees do their best work.

Security training

People can’t protect themselves if they don’t know what to look out for. Many IT security training providers offer free tools on topics like social engineering, phishing, and ransomware that you can go over with your employees at a “lunch & learn”. Or you could go the extra mile and arrange hands-on training for total cyber security literacy.

Device dangers

Phones, laptops, security cameras, modems, thumb drives, and even printers all present data breach potential. Always password protect your devices, and try to limit personal activities to your personal device. Never use a thumb drive or external hard drive if you don’t know what’s on it. And always ensure you use a secure network any time you connect any device to WiFi—even security systems.

Network security

Invest in software that stops threats before they get a chance to reach your business. Services like our Integrated Cyber Security can safeguard against attacks, protect data integrity, and keep you in the loop through the cloud no matter where you’re doing business that day.

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