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How to onboard clients to new digital processes

Getting your team online and working seamlessly is one challenge. But how can you help your clients navigate a new digital landscape? These tips will make your digital transformation as fluid as possible—for everyone.

Accessibility vs functionality

Most client-facing software and digital services have intuitive UX and UI built into their design already. The average consumer is well-enough acquainted with their own apps and tech to navigate the majority of these services without assistance.

But if you’re in a position where you need to customize your own customer dashboard, remember the three keys to accessibility:

  1. Clarity
  2. Use simple language and clear font. Only show your client what they need to see to perform the function you want them to perform.

  3. Availability
  4. Avoid making your clients download anything they have to pay for, or will only use for your service. Nobody wants useless apps taking up space on their device.

  5. Familiarity
  6. Companies like Amazon, Apple, and Nike all use the same online checkout process. Why? Because it’s what people expect. Strive to make your online process mimic your in-store process as much as possible so your clients can anticipate what to do next.

Nothing beats a cheat sheet

Write down a click-by-click guide to your digital process. Have a third party test the cheat sheet before you distribute it, and verify the steps work regardless of which OS the customer is using.

Observational learning

Studies show that video is a highly effective educational tool. So, for more complicated procedures, take a page from YouTube’s book and create a video tutorial—if one doesn’t already exist. Record a simple screen recording of your desktop as you walk through the process and send it to clients to reference.

For a more personal touch, consider hosting a live webinar. While this avenue requires more effort to execute, it offers you a valuable opportunity to receive instant feedback, which may help you refine your digital procedures moving forward.

Make an exception

Many Canadians are experiencing frustration and isolation as they struggle to keep up with a rapidly changing landscape. For a variety of reasons, some of your clients won’t be able to adjust to your new procedures. Make a contingency plan so no one gets left behind.

Sometimes it’s a one-on-one phone call with your client to address cyber security concerns, or the addition of a tech-savvy authorized user to the account, or simply completing the processes for them. Don’t let your digital transformation add to their stress.

Make the call

When in doubt, just pick up the phone. Even the most tech-savvy individual can lose an email or forget to pay a bill.

We’re committed to supporting businesses across Canada as they adapt to the digital landscape. Follow our social accounts for more information on our initiatives, and don’t hesitate to reach out. Wishing you good business and good health.

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