How Tech Can Help You Know Your Customers Better

The more you understand your customer, the better experience you’re able to provide, and there’s plenty of information out there to help you learn. Choosing the right tech partner can help you track and understand customer data which can lead to more strategic approaches for your organization.

Shaw Business’ turnkey solutions have this goal in mind, built specifically for businesses like yours.

Gather foundational information

Knowledge is power, and when it comes to your customers there’s plenty to learn. Shaw Business’ SmartTarget solution provides demographic reports on gender, age, region, and interest, all of which can help you better target your marketing efforts to ensure your promotions are seen by their intended audiences.

This kind of targeted knowledge is the perfect foundation for email or ad marketing campaigns that drive repeat sales and customer loyalty. Using data you 100% own, you can send out a birthday promotion to your favourite customers to ensure they know just how much you care.

Track traffic

We know that offering WiFi to your customers makes for a better customer experience, but a perk on the business side is how much you can learn by analyzing the traffic. With Shaw Business’ SmartWiFi, you have full access to location analytics from any of your networks.

Checking out the SmartWiFi dashboard under the guest network can show you how many customers are logged in, for how long, and what type of site they visit. Without digging too deep into personal data, this kind of information can help you make more informed decisions regarding things like business hours, and what times of day to increase sales.

Improve your marketing

Being able to track your traffic using Shaw Business’ SmartWiFi means being able to provide your marketing team with invaluable intel. By monitoring your website and application usage you have a leg up in being able to expect customer requirements and forecast solutions in advance—for a marketing team, this is gold.

“The ability to use Shaw Business SmartWiFi to actually see who is actually coming in to the studios, how often they’re coming in, when they’re using our WiFi allows us to have that extra element of connection to be able to anticipate our customers’ needs,” says Andrew Obrecht, co-founder and owner of YYC Cycle and YEG Cycle.

Better understand ROI

Once you use all the information at your fingertips to better connect with your clientele, you’ll want to know if your hard work is paying off. Shaw Business’ SmartTarget provides real time reporting that lays out how many customers viewed your ad or email, then returned to your store and took advantage of your offer. These kinds of details mean being able to tweak and pivot your strategy until you hit your targets, without wasting any time.

Additional metrics accessible through the SmartTarget dashboard, like return customers and click-through rates, can plainly demonstrate the ROI across your suite of communications so you can push harder where it matters most, and rethink what’s less effective. Having this kind of info always readily available also helps prove impact to internal stakeholders.

Data is such a powerful tool, and there’s so much of it available that harnessing the data that’s most relevant to you benefits from the support of a dedicated tech partner. Contact a sales representative to learn more about how Shaw Business can be that partner to help you get to know your customers better, so you can grow your business.

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