Using Tech to Drive Better Operational Value for Your Business

Time is an irreplaceable resource, so when your system or your services go down—due to internet outages, cyber threats, or any myriad of technical difficulties—it costs you more than money. On top of lost revenue, downtime for businesses can result in a loss of customer and employee trust and loyalty, as well as peace of mind for business owners.

Though it might seem counterintuitive to apply more technology to technological problems, some solutions are designed with this very issue in mind. Shaw Business provides options to help you proactively avoid unnecessary downtime, and even improve efficiency, so you can keep serving your customers and meeting your financial goals. 

Here are some ways that Shaw Business’ solutions help you stay connected and driving more operational value. 


There are all kinds of threats that could lead to business downtime, from cyber to physical. Staying a few steps ahead of those threats is one way to confidently operate at full capacity no matter what obstacle is thrown your way. 

Shaw Business’ SmartSurveillance uses technology from heat mapping, to people-counting, motion search, and object detection to keep your business running smoothly and safely. Real time tools save you even more precious time—if you’re looking for footage of an incident, the technology will guide the way.

“The motion sensor is amazing because you don’t have to go through minutes and hours of footage,” says Justina Wong, co-owner of Bliss & Co. Cupcakes and Desserts. 


In an increasingly mobile world, you need technology that keeps up with your needs. SmartSurveillance’s camera settings can be managed from anywhere, which means issues can be solved faster, even if the boss is working from home. “That’s the convenience of it because I can check the cameras at home, on my mobile, I can check it in the office, and even be able to check my other stores,” says Justina.

Always being able to keep an eye on your business—whether you’re open or not—doesn’t just help you avoid or recover from potential incidents, it also helps you strategize using tangible data. “Being able to see traffic outside of the stores before and after we opened was so helpful,” says Justine’s sister and co-owner Sylvia. “We will be opening hours a little bit earlier because we noticed we had some flow coming in, looking through the windows.”


Let’s face it, most people don’t carry cash anymore. That means for most businesses an internet outage could mean a huge loss of revenue all while inconveniencing your customers.

Shaw Business’ LTE Backup solution ensures that, in the rare event of an internet outage, your most mission-critical applications auto-connect to the LTE network, similar to what happens when your phone loses a WiFi connection and kicks into data mode. This way, essential tools like POS systems, safety and security measures, and inventory processes can continue running as if nothing happened, while you can leap into action to fix the problem.

There’s so much to think about when running a business, so partnering with a tech team that has your best interests at heart can give you back the peace of mind you need to focus on your work. Leave downtime in the past, and work with tech that works for you. Contact a sales representative to learn more about how Shaw Business’ solutions can help you drive more operational value.

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