SD-WAN Offers Smarter Connections for Your Enterprise Business

Enterprise businesses are masters of scaling, but the more locations and devices you take on, the likelier it is for operations to become overly complex and harder to manage. Rapid growth, without the right systems, can lead to poor application experience, increased security threats, and the need for future network overhauls.

As your business grows and traffic flows decentralize, deploying and managing the WAN becomes more costly and more challenging. The best solutions are easy to use and manage, integrate seamlessly with existing networks, and can adjust to accommodate up to the minute network conditions. That’s where SD-WAN comes into focus.

Connecting multiple locations through a centralized network system creates smarter, safer connections for your growing business without sacrificing performance. In a survey of business decision makers, 21% said poor web or cloud application performance due to network connectivity was among their biggest productivity drains. SD-WAN enables IT and business managers to deploy Internet-based connectivity quickly with an emphasis on quality, reliability, and security. What are the additional benefits? Higher bandwidth and lower cost.

That’s why all enterprise market trends point to SD-WAN as a solution.


The demand is growing fast. Today’s buyers are likely to be trialing one or more SD-WAN vendors, up 15% over the past two years, says Light Reading’s SD-WAN: Digital Symposium, 2020. At this point, it’s not a question of if, but of which type of SD-WAN solution is right for you.

The reason? These dynamic, secure, and intelligent connections support everything from high bandwidth needs, to rapid deployment, to unmatched security measures. Centralizing your connections across locations is more cost-effective, and engaging with third party expertise on services outside of your industry ensures you can get back to doing what you do best.

Why your industry needs SD-WAN today

No matter your industry, reliable, secure connections are an absolute necessity—but every industry has its own specific needs. How might your industry benefit from an SD-WAN solution?


You need a secure, flexible network infrastructure—emphasis on secure. Sharing patient data happens between sites, and you need to be confident that your network can protect it.


Locations have to be transaction-ready at all times. If the network goes down, business stops. In-store browsing and checkout also demands high bandwidth availability.

Financial Services

Security is fundamental here, as is the ability to work with cloud-based applications. Putting them together requires a solution that protects data and transactions.

Those are just a few industries already taking advantage of what SD-WAN offers, but it can be a fit for any business. Just ask land surveying and mapping industry leader GeoVerra, who said, “We wanted to find a technology that was scalable, secure, responsive, and we wanted all of that at a lower cost. Moving towards SD-WAN opened up a whole world of opportunities for our company.”

But which kind of SD-WAN solution is right for you?

A connection that serves your needs

Shaw Business has two SD-WAN solutions to serve organizations with different needs: SD-WAN with VMware and SD-WAN with Cisco Meraki.

SD-WAN with VMware

Dynamic Multipath Optimization™ and application recognition provide optimized data delivery making this solution perfect for businesses who want a cloud-first solution. It’s a highly customizable option with seamless failover for organizations with mission-critical applications. SD-WAN from a managed service provider is for IT teams that want full visibility over their operations from a centralized system.

This solution offers:

  • Hybrid, multi-cloud and SaaS functionality
  • End to end virtual services platform
  • Edge security from cloud to virtual network function

SD-WAN with Cisco Meraki

This is a fully integrated security stack—one with robust network performance analytics. It’s an optimal solution for businesses looking to connect point-to-point, one that runs on Internet, suitable for organizations with a lean IT team. This is a solution you can set and forget, and lean on third party expertise to keep you up to date on all the latest technology.

This solution offers:

  • Hub and spoke of fully meshed topologies
  • Auto provisioning IPsec VPN tunnels
  • Three pathways of connectivity—enhanced network security, automatic failover, and centralized multi-site management

No matter your business, there’s an SD-WAN solution that’s right for you. Tomorrow’s buyers will be implementing SD-WAN to all locations—35% have significant sized deployments already. Meet your business’s demands—and your customers’ needs—as you continue to scale.

Speak with a representative to find out which SD-WAN solution is right for you.

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