The Voice Solution Your Business Needs

Shaw Business’ SmartVoice with Webex makes doing business easier

Every industry has seen a shift in the last couple of years — we’re moving faster now, connecting and collaborating while apart, and keeping up with an ever-shifting market. Luckily, technology is keeping up, too.

Whether you work in manufacturing, health care, or an office environment, it’s more likely than ever that you need to stay connected on the go, and no one wants to break the budget to find the right solution.

Shaw Business’ SmartVoice with Webex simplifies what’s complicated, makes collaboration seamless, and makes working from anywhere easier than ever. Here’s how:

Collaborate with ease

Collaboration in a remote and hybrid world is an ongoing challenge. Part of the reason why is because so much information is spread across multiple tools. With everything you need to connect all in one place, there’s no need to worry about how to get together and you can focus on the task at hand.

Sales teams must be able to collaborate with both colleagues and customers, and the right tool can clear a pathway to closing a deal. SmartVoice with Webex has both a desktop and mobile app that makes sharing between the two formats seamless. This makes it even easier to book meetings and video calls to present with customers, even when you’re working on the go. You can also combine your voice and collaboration tool spend, as Shaw Business provides you with a phone number with your Webex at no extra charge. That means for one monthly rate you get a tool that’s great for both internal collaboration and external calls.

During sales calls, sometimes it’s necessary to call in reinforcements. SmartVoice with Webex allows you to add team members right into your space to act as subject matter experts right in the moment. Screen share and capture features make it even easier to get those colleagues up to speed at a moment’s notice.

Post-call, you can even create a space with your customers to share supporting documentation, extending the relationship and creating value for your prospects.

Simplify your workflow

In a period of massive economic change, keeping things simple makes it easier for teams to do more with less. Making it easier to do business, or complete your day maximizes productivity while saving time and money.

Finance teams are forever sharing data, and Webex makes file sharing even easier. Files can be shared one-on-one or in personal team spaces to get business done securely and efficiently. Financial records shared in a Webex space using the whiteboarding or screen-sharing features are also easily refreshed to ensure accuracy — they’re where you need them when you need them, and shared with the relevant people. That same one-on-one feature works well for professions like HR, where employees can join a space for specific and private questions.

Project managers juggling multiple stakeholders and deadlines can use SmartVoice with Webex to keep everything organized. Users are able to create spaces and groups for different segments of a project. From there, you can @ message folks when you need their attention, flag files and messages to easily refer back to, upload files and share updates normally reserved for email. This keeps all relevant conversations in one place — a project manager’s dream.

Keep it secure and professional

Sometimes it can feel like it’s hard to stay compliant and professional with certain modern tools. There’s a reason why SmartVoice with Webex is the communication standard for several judicial courts.

End-to-end message encryption and enterprise-grade security for Webex meetings and Cisco end-devices keeps communication secure, while still enabling that seamless collaboration and simplified workflow. The technology is backed by Cisco Talos, one of the leading commercial threat intelligence companies in the world, and is ranked by the NSA as a high-tier collaboration software.

This professional promise rolls into features like video conferences and meetings. Employees can feel certain they’re presenting professionally with virtual backgrounds and noise reduction in their video and audio calls, and meetings are enhanced with the ability to password protect, provide breakout sessions, and meeting reactions and polls. When the meeting is complete, all the information is accessible later with cloud-stored recordings.

Find your perfect fit

No two businesses are alike, which is why Shaw Business has a plan for every purpose. You can choose from SmartVoice Office, an all-in-one solution that includes a desk phone and complete access to the Webex app on mobile and desktop, or SmartVoice Remote, a mobile-first option for home-based employees or those on the go. No matter which plan is right for you, it’s all rolled into a single cost per seat, with no hidden fees or surprises, that’s easy to increase or reduce as your company evolves.

Doing business comes with plenty of challenges — the way you work doesn’t need to be one of them.

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