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As businesses and their now-remote teams are settling into the swing of working from home, business owners are looking for tech to help optimize their new ways of working together. There are many digital resources available, but not all of them are necessarily what your company—or employees—need. These tips will help you find the right tools to continue your digital transformation.

Share files like a pro.

It’s too easy to lose track of which doc in your download folder is the most recent version. Make a shared Excel status sheet or use Google Docs for important files. This will give your teams real-time access to updates without requiring them to add (or pay for) another piece of software.

Keep standups casual.

Short, regularly scheduled meetings give your teams the opportunity to monitor project progress and self-regulate their own productivity. These work best as quick group calls over Google, Zoom, or Teams—but be cautious of imposing mandatory camera-on rules. Most people prefer to keep these interactions as micro as possible.

Stay in the loop with project management software.

Sometimes it’s better to check in on your team with a quick message or call—but those notifications and meetings can quickly result in an unnecessary bottleneck. Project management software will keep track of documents, timelines, and task progress, and help your employees feel more tuned in. Most SAAS (Software as a Service) companies, including Trello, Asana, and Freedcamp, offer free basic versions.

Try before you buy to get a feel for what subscription level you actually need

Are timesheets wasting time?

If your employees must track time, make it easy for them with a desktop app like Harvest. If your teams struggle to track multiple projects in the same day, a physical tracker like Timeflip can help them keep tasks separate. Just beware productivity trackers that monitor processes like screen time or mouse clicks. These can make employees feel like you don’t trust them to get their work done.

Mix up your digital socialization.

Having Friday drinks over video is fun, but there are countless other ways to build culture and community from afar. Hire a fitness instructor from a local gym to lead your employees through a workout together. Select a random cooking tutorial online and invite everyone to follow along. Or you could help raise money for animals in need by hosting a llama at your next virtual meetup.

We’re committed to supporting businesses across Canada as they adapt to the digital landscape. Follow our social accounts for more information on our initiatives, and don’t hesitate to reach out. Wishing you good business and good health.

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