Learn about Shaw Go WiFi access, which is included at no extra cost with your Shaw Business Internet Plan.

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Go WiFi locations

To check out all the locations beyond your business where you’ll get internet access:

Add new devices

There’s multiple ways to add a new device to your plans Go WiFi device list:

  • My Shaw: This is usually the best option for businesses as you can see which devices are currently registered, verify your plan's device limit, and permanently add (or remove) devices to manage your account.
    1. Login to my.shaw.ca.
    2. Go to 'Internet' section in menu.
    3. In 'Shaw Go WiFi Devices' section, select 'Add a device'.
    4. Give your device a unique name to make it easier to manage in the future.
    5. shaw.ca email address*: Verify any of your @shaw.ca email addresses on the account to gain permanent access.
      1. Connect to the 'ShawOpen' WiFi network and you’ll be prompted to authenticate your email and password.
      2. Once you’ve entered your email address and password successfully, the device will connect to ShawOpen automatically and you'll no longer need to re-verify authorization and will automatically re-connect in the future.
    6. Access Codes*: Access codes remain active for 6 months from when they're issued, then expire.
      1. Call in to Shaw Business and request a code be emailed to you.
      2. When you're at a 'ShawOpen' hotspot, connect and input the access code.
      3. You'll automatically connect to all ShawOpen hotspots until the access code expires.

      *If you’ve already reached your account’s device limit, using email or access codes to add a new device may de-register another device. Using My Shaw helps to reduce the chance of bumping off other registered devices and lets you manage your device limit. More help can be found on the residential support page How to Connect to a Shaw Go WiFi Hotspot.

      Device limits

      Business plans allows up to a certain number of devices to be registered for simultaneous use.Adding additional devices beyond your limit will cause other registered devices to be removed.Manage your device list by logging into your My Shaw and go to the Internet section.

      Business PlanNumber of Devices
      Business Internet 5 3
      Business Internet 20 6
      Business Internet 30 10
      Business Internet 60 10
      Business Internet 150 12
      SmartWiFi 30 20
      SmartWiFi 60 30
      SmartWiFi 150 30


      ShawPasspoint is a newer Shaw Go WiFi SSID that provides an improved method for connecting supported devices to WiFi hotspots. As part of the Wi-Fi Alliance Hotspot 2.0 Specification, this makes registering and connecting to Shaw Go WiFi easier, when using a supported device.

      Key points & features

      • You can also setup ShawPasspoint by logging into My Shaw from your iOS device in Safari.
        • Apple devices running iOS 8 or are supported, with registration requiring use of Safari.
      • Once your device is registered and uses ShawPasspoint for the first time, your device will automatically use ShawPasspoint where it's available. You can tell your device to forget ShawOpen if you want to only connect to encrypted connections, or keep it as a fallback for locations without ShawPasspoint.
      • ShawOpen will remain in place at all locations, running alongside ShawPasspoint. Not all locations have ShawPasspoint at this time.