Change Management

This is a Schedule to the Shaw Business Service Agreement (Appendix) and is incorporated into and forms part thereof. This policy will outline the process for change management activities for services provided by Shaw Business to its valued customers.

Change Management Policy

Change activities are defined as any request to perform maintenance or to alter established services. A change can be initiated by Shaw Business or the customer.

Shaw Business Initiated Changes

In order to upgrade, expand, repair and maintain our network, we may be required to schedule an event that may impact your service. We define two types of change control events:

1.1. Scheduled Maintenance

Scheduled Maintenance shall mean any maintenance activities planned during a standard Maintenance Window, which will be service impacting, or may pose a threat to the provided service. Customers shall be notified of any Scheduled Maintenance a minimum of 15 business days in advance of the planned activity. In each case we review and organize the technical procedures to minimize the disruption to your service. Our Network Operations Center tracks each event to conclusion.

Shaw Business Standard Maintenance Window
00:01AM-06:00AM local time (Sunday - Preferred)

Our notification will be emailed to the change release contacts provided during the implementation process. Changes to customer contacts should be emailed to

Notification will include impacted circuit identifier, date, time, expected duration, planned activity description and a ticket number. A response is not required, however any inquiries may be made by reply to the email notification or by calling the Shaw Business Network Operations Center at 1-866-244-7475 or

1.2 Emergency Maintenance

On occasion Shaw Business may need to react quickly to address an emergency issue on the network. Emergency Maintenance shall mean any maintenance which cannot be performed during as Scheduled Maintenance. Emergency Maintenance activities may occur outside of Standard Maintenance Windows, without notification, and may be service affecting. Emergency maintenance is undertaken with the intent of minimizing the overall impact to our customers. Our Network Operations Center tracks each event to conclusion.

Inquiries regarding any change activity may be made by reply to the email notification or by calling The Shaw Business Network Operations Center at 1-866-244-7475 or

Customer Initiated Changes

We understand that our customers may need to make changes to their service.

2.1 Requesting Service Changes

Customers may request changes to an established service by emailing

The request should include:

  • BPSO
  • Required date
  • Scope of work
  • Contacts
  • Assigned security code (mandatory)

The customer is solely responsible for the safekeeping of the security code and Shaw Business will take no responsibility for the abuse thereof, including but not limited to fraud and other forms of misrepresentation. If you have experienced changes in personnel, please inform us immediately at the above email address to initiate the process of changing your security code.

Client Services will acknowledge receipt of requested change within 24 business hours. Each change will be reviewed with technical operations, engineering and your Account Executive. Client Services will then confirm change activity with customer, including completion date and provide change fees, if applicable, for approval prior to proceeding with change.

A Customer approved change will engage the change administration process and be billed according to the change management policy and, if applicable, any additional costs incurred for materials and/or labour.

Standard fees;

Regular Business Hours - $100/hr 2 hour minimum

After Hours - $150/hr 4 hour minimum

Inquiries for customer initiated changed should be forwarded to:

Client Services 1-855-244-7475


2.2 Customer Maintenance Activities

Customer maintenance activities are important to Shaw Business. We ask that customers provide advance notice of possible service impacting activities. These include but are not limited to, building maintenance activities or customer premise equipment changes. Notice of maintenance activities should be emailed to

The request should include:

  • BPSO
  • Date of activity
  • Planned activity and duration
  • Contacts

Customers should report the completion of the planned activity to Shaw Business Network Operations Center at 1-866-244-7475 or

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