Learn the difference between individual and group voicemail and how to access and manage them.

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Individual voicemail

    Individual voicemail is the voicemail box specific to your direct line.

    Voicemail access
    There's multiple ways to access your individual voicemail:

    • Call *98 from your Polycom handset.
      • Press 2016-09-01-SV-Message-Center on your Polycom handset, and select 'Message Center'.
      • From the Home view of your Polycom handset, select 'Messages', then select 'Message Center'.
      • Call 1-855-610-6096 for remote access, then enter your 10 digit SmartVoice number.
      • Select supported plans: Access your voicemail on your SmartVoice mobile or desktop apps.

        More details on managing features can be found on our End User Portal user guide and End User Portal video tutorial.

        Group voicemail

        Group Voicemail is a dedicated line for voicemail that can be accessed from multiple handsets.

        Setup group voicemail extension on your handset
        The group admin can add group voicemail numbers as a shared call line on any handsets the voicemail will be shared on. For info on how to add extensions to your phone read Programming soft keys.

        Access group voicemail

        • If group voicemail has been added as an extension on your phone:
          • Press 2016-09-01-SV-Message-Center, and select Message Center, then select the group voicemail line.
          • From Home view, select Messages, select Message Center, then select the group voicemail line.
          • Press the shared call extension on your handset and dial *98 to access and manage the voicemail.
          • Choose one of the keypad sequences listed in the first section to listen and manage voicemail.
        • If you don't have your own voicemail:
          • Dial into your group voicemail extension and when you hear the greeting, press *and enter the group voicemail passcode.
          • Choose one of the keypad sequences listed in the first section to listen and manage voicemail.
        • If you do have your own voicemail:
          • Dial *98 and then press * while in the menu, enter the extension of the Group Voicemail and then enter the group voicemail passcode.
          • Choose one of the keypad sequences listed in the first section to listen and manage voicemail.

        New message notification

        Your phone indicates new voicemail messages a few ways. These notifications are used to alert for all voicemail boxes that are accessible from your phone (both individual and group voicemail).

        • Phone makes audible alert tone when caller finishes recording message.
        • Status bar message, indicating total number of new messages.
          • 2016-09-01-SV-New-Message
        • Flashing message waiting indicator light, located in top-right of phone.
        • Stuttering tone when handset picked up to make new call.

        Voicemail keypad sequence

        Once logged into your individual or group voicemail with one of the above methods, follow the prompts listed below:

        • 1: Listen to Voicemail
        • 2: Change Busy Greeting
        • 3: Change No Answer Greeting
        • 4: Change Extended Away Greeting
        • 5: Compose Send New Message
        • 6: Delete all messages
        • 7: Change Passcode
        • 8: Record Name
        • 9: Modify Messaging Deposit Settings
        • *: Voice Portal

        Reset user voicemail passcode

        Group administrator access
        If you're the group administrator for your business, voicemail passcodes for all users can be reset by logging in as the group administrator. You can't see current passcodes, so forgotten passcodes will need to be reset. These steps also apply to resetting Group Voicemail passcodes.

        1. The quickest method is for the group administrator to log into http://smartvoice.shawbusiness.ca with the group admin username and password.
        2. Go to the Dashboard tab.
          • 2016-07-29-SV-Voicemail-A
        3. Select the user by clicking on their name.
          • User's name
        4. The options for 'Password' (user portal login) and 'passcode' (voicemail access) are displayed. Use Passcode on right to manage voicemail PIN.
          • 2016-07-29-SV-Voicemail1
        5. The new passcode must meet the criteria that is listed.
          • 2016-08-07-SV-Passcode-Rules
        6. Enter a new passcode, then again to confirm the passcode. Alternatively, you can get a random system generated passcode by pressing the 'Generate' button.
        7. Press 'Save'.

        View our video tutorial for a complete walk through on how to reset voicemail passcodes.

        Individual user access

        If you're an individual SmartVoice user and you have forgotten your voicemail passcode you can reset it by logging into http://smartvoice.shawbusiness.ca with you username and password.

        1. Once your profile loads choose Profile/E911 Update.
          • 2016-07-29-SV-PasswordReset6
        2. Under the section 'Password Reset' create a new passcode or press the 'Generate' button to create a system generated passcode.
          • 2016-07-29-SV-Voicemail6
        3. Press 'Save'.
        4. When logging in through *98 after resetting it, the system will prompt you to change the passcode again. You can enter the same passcode.

        If you've forgotten your user portal login, see our article How to reset your user portal password for help regaining access. If the above methods fail, contact Shaw Technical Support. The security code will be required before requesting passcode resets.