Learn about value-added phone features included at no extra cost with your Shaw Business Phone or Business Phone Plus plan, such as Voicemail to Email, Multi-Line Hunting, Simultaneous Ring, Call Forward and more.

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Manage features & access voicemail online

Listen to your voicemail messages when you’re away from your office, or turn on Call Forward if you forget to do it before leaving for the day. All of the Shaw Business phone features can be viewed and managed remotely.

  1. Open my.shaw.ca. and sign in with your username and password.
  2. Select the 'Phone' section.
  3. All your subscribed phone features and options will show in this section.

Listen-only greetings

Listen-Only Greeting option is included with Voicemail and can be changed and managed the same way as Voicemail once it’s turned on.

  • Give your callers a recorded greeting without the option for them to leave a message.
  • Use this feature to provide customers with basic business information such as hours and location. They get the information they need without hearing getting a busy tone if you’re on the line, or an unending ring if the business is closed.
  • You can choose how many rings happen before the greeting comes on, or set calls to go straight to the greeting when you’re not available.
  • At the end of your recorded greeting, callers are prompted to repeat the message or hang up.

Voicemail to email

Get your important messages wherever you are by email.

  • Receive an email for each Voicemail message that includes the caller's phone number, the time and date of the call, and an MP3 audio clip of the message.
  • Get a warning by email if your voicemail box is full or nearly full.

External call transfer

Manually transfer a call to an external number whenever you need to. This can be handy to transfer an incoming call to an offsite employee or another store location.

To use External Call Transfer
Shaw has to set up external call tranfer before first use. Once set up, follow these steps:

  1. Press the 'hook/flash' button on your phone while you have the incoming caller on the line (this button may have different names and some PBX systems require the phone to enable the feature in order to work properly).
  2. Wait for a dial tone.
  3. Dial the other party.
  4. Ensure a proper connections has been made with the new recipient.
  5. Press the hook/flash button again to connect both ends of the call together.
  6. Hang up when you’re ready to drop off the line and let the other two parties continue without you.

Multi-line hunting

  • Allow callers to know just one main business phone number but the calls automatically spill over to additional lines when the main number is in use.
  • Show only the primary number on outbound calls to reduce confusion for customers with call display.
  • Simplify voicemail retrieval with only one line to check for messages.

You can manage this feature in my.shaw.ca, but Shaw has to set it up first.

Call blocking

If you receive unwanted calls, you can manage who's allowed to call you.

  • Selective call block: *60 lets you block specific numbers from calling.
  • Anonymous call block: *77 activates feature, *87 deactivates feature. Keep in mind that some customers may block their number for privacy reasons and activating anonymous call block could interfere with business.
  • Both features can be managed in my.shaw.ca, which also shows list of currently blocked numbers.
  • You can also help reduce unwanted calls from legitimate sources by registering your numbers on Government of Canada's National Do Not Call List.

Simultaneous ring

If you have a single business phone line and are frequently in and out of the business, Simultaneous Ring allows one number to ring on up to four additional phones (cell, home, cabin, etc.).

  • Keep in mind that whoever answers the call represents your business.
  • Cell phones joined to simultaneous ring must be kept on, otherwise all calls will go direct to the cell phone’s voicemail.
  • Multi-Line hunting or Call Forwarded lines are incompatible with Simultaneous Ring.
  • can be managed in my.shaw.ca.