Issues with no dial tone on your individual handset, POS terminal or fax machine are usually the result of an outlet that is not wired correctly or the device connecting to the outlet is not functioning as it should.

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Testing the outlet

If you are encountering no dial tone on only one device, you’ll want to test the outlet.

  1. Disconnect your devices from the outlet.
  2. If you have another handset that you have confirmed is working, connect it to the same outlet.
  3. Lift the receiver and confirm there is dial tone.
  4. Make a call and ensure that you and the person you called are able to hear each other both ways and then the line is clear from static or robotic noise.
    • If there is no dial tone then call technical support for further assistance
    • If there is dial tone then read on for further steps on how to troubleshoot your device.

Use My Shaw online, or the Phone Portal app on mobile phones to setup temporary call forwarding.

No dial tone on individual handset

Reconnect your device to the working outlet and follow these steps:

  1. Re-connect telephone cord from handset/base station and retest.
  2. If the phone is cordless then ensure battery is charged and handset has power:
    • If the LED display says "Out of range" then power cycle the base station and retest.
  3. Disable the phone's “call screening” or “direct to voicemail” option.
    • Normally, this should not affect your ability to obtain a dial tone or make outbound calls, but on some more simple handsets, this feature actually disables the phone’s dial tone, thereby affecting incoming and outgoing calls. Please ensure that no such feature is enabled. If your phone does have a screening feature enabled, please disable it and test again.

If none of these steps work you, you can contact your handset provider for further assistance. Use My Shaw online, or the Phone Portal app on mobile phones to setup temporary call forwarding.

No dial tone on POS terminal

  1. Ensure there is power to your POS terminal.
  2. If the POS terminal has power, restart the POS terminal and retest.
  3. If the issue persists unplug the power to the POS terminal and wait 30 seconds. Plug it back in and after it reboots you can test it again.
  4. On Shaw, phone lines have to be requested when a line goes off-hook to be used for a call. While this takes less than a second, it can take long enough that numbers dialed to quickly get missed and the call doesn’t connect.
    • This can be checked by logging into your POS settings menu and program in a dialing delay. Device might show as on/off, short/med/long, or programming in the millisecond delay. If you are unsure how to do this contact your POS provider for this information.

If none of these steps restore dial tone/connectivity to your POS terminal call your POS provider, as there may be a configuration error on your device. If the POS provider advises that there are no issues on their end, call Shaw technical support for further assistance.

No dial tone on fax machine

If you have determined that the outlet is working with another device, follow these steps to determine the issue:

  • Unplug the power from your fax machine. Wait 30 seconds and then plug it back in. Retest.
  • Check the baud rate, which should be set to 9600 kbps.
  • Call Shaw Business technical support for further assistance. We may need to book a service call to ensure the line quality is optimal.

If none of these steps restore dial tone, there may be a configuration issue on your fax machine or it is malfunctioning.Contact your fax machine manufacturer for further assistance.