Discover how to view channel listings for your area and what to do if you are missing channels you think you should have.

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Channel listings

To find channels, scroll through the Digital Box’s guide, or look them up online with the Full Channel Listings page. To use the online tool, make sure to select the city you live in from the top of the page.

Newer HD Guide boxes will show only the channels in the business subscription, and will automatically substitute the HD feed where available.

This will be especially handy in reception areas or anywhere else with viewers looking to find out what’s available to watch by going through the guide.

Free previews

TV channels will occasionally go on free preview for a limited time, and when the preview ends it can seem like the channel disappeared from your package. Visit Free Previews, Free Channels for a complete listing of all channel previews and the expected preview expiry dates. If you’d like to add the channel back, call into Shaw Business Sales to ask for pricing.

Missing channels

If a channel disappears from the guide or states the channel is a subscription service to order, check any other TVs for the same issue.

If only one TV has lost the channel, unplug the power cord, wait 30 seconds and then plug it back in. Wait for the Digital Box to boot back up, then check again.

With newer HD Guide boxes, keep in mind the HD channel will be different than older boxes, and you might need to search through the guide to find a different number than you’re used to.

Also on the newer HD Guide boxes, If HD Grouping is enabled on your digital box, HD channels will be listed first and standard definition will be listed AFTER the HD channels, even if not in numerical order. This will cause channel listings in the guide to not be in numerical order, and could cause confusion when scrolling through the guide. For more info, see HD Organization on the residential Shaw Community.

If all TVs are missing the channel or get an error to order the channel, check the Free Previews, Free Channels site if in doubt, or otherwise call Business technical support to verify your package details and troubleshoot missing channels.