Learn how to ensure Pay Per View sporting events for your Business run smoothly from ordering, performing pre-event testing and what to do if the event doesn’t work.

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Pre-ordering events

PPV events for Businesses are ordered days in advance before the event, preferably at least a week prior. Doing so will reduce the chance of ordering issues, especially if this is a first time order.

Most events will need to be ordered through a third party commercial order agent, though different events will have different rules. If you’ve ordered the same event before, contact the same company as you used last time. For first time orders, a Shaw representative can help confirm who you need to contact.

All confirmed orders will show up in Shaw’s system before the event and can be verified when calling in to perform pre-testing.

Event pre-testing

After an event order has been confirmed, you will be emailed information detailing pre-event testing times. Most testing times will be morning-afternoon on the Wednesday, Thursday and Friday preceding the event.

  • Call right as the test event is about to begin.
  • If multiple TVs will be used, it’s extremely important to run the test on each digital box and TV that will be used for the event. This may take time, but will greatly decrease the likelihood of issues at the time of the event.

Event night testing & troubleshooting

To be ready on event night:

  • Have our technical support number noted for your staff, so they can easily call if needed.
  • Tune into the event channel early. Most events will have previews leading up to the event, and you can use preview to check again for a clear picture on all digital boxes and TVs.
  • If picture goes out when event starts, change to any other channel, then go back to the event channel to try again.
  • Keep note of channel numbers in both HD and SD. Try SD channel in case the HD feed doesn’t work.