Learn what to do if your TV displays poor picture quality, no picture at all, or the One Moment Please error messages. These usually result from some kind of signal issue.

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Signal to the digital box, or TV issue?

Shaw digital box reception issues won’t show up as fuzzy or unclear picture. Instead the picture will likely break up into large square blocks of colour (pixelation), or no picture will be seen at all, possibly with a message stating “One Moment Please”.



One Moment Please


An easy way to know this is a broadcast issue is to pull up the on screen guide. If the menu stays clear and only the live channels break up, then the issue is the signal getting to the digital box, not the cable to the TV or a TV issue.

Digital box signal issues

If the picture only breaks up on live TV and the guide looks fine follow the steps below:

  1. 2016-09-06-CoaxCheck the coax cable wiring from the wall to the Digital Box. All connection points on the wall, Digital Box, or any splitters in between should be unscrewed, removed, then immediately reconnected tight again. There’s no need to wait any amount of time like with power cords, just out and back in. Even if the cord seemed tight, this will ensure the best possible connection and fixes most picture quality issues.
  2. 2016-09-06-SplitterIf reconnecting all the cords didn’t solve things, re-check for any splitters and bypass any you might find. If bypassing the splitter resolves the issue, then call into Business Technical support for a service call so we can replace it.
  3. If the connections are reconnected, splitters bypassed and the picture still hasn’t improved, remove the power cord to the Digital Box for 30 seconds, wait for the box to boot back up and try again. If picture still hasn’t improved call Business Technical Support.

TV input issues

If the picture is very fuzzy or breaking up when viewing the guide or other menus, the issue isn’t with getting signal to the digital box; it’s actually with the cable to the TV or the TV inputs.

  1. Reconnect both ends of the cord between the digital box and TV.
  2. If there’s other equipment hooked up to the TV, see if they’re showing the same types of picture issues. For example try playing a DVD.
  3. Try a new cable between the digital box and TV.
  4. Try a different input port to plug into on the TV set. For example, if you are having issues with a HDMI input, try connecting via Component input.
  5. Very long HDMI cables can cause picture issues, try a shorter HDMI cable.
  6. Connection ports on the digital box or TV can get damaged if pulled. Take care to not put stress on the connections that could damage the cables or ports. This could lead to picture issues and may not be covered by TV warranty.

HD resolution issues

For the best picture quality, make sure to tune to a channel labelled as HD. All new Shaw digital boxes automatically substitute to HD, where available and subscribed, to reduce the chance of watching lower standard definition quality. On older boxes it’ll be important to tune into the specific HD channel, as lower channels will be standard definition only.

If the picture still seems low quality, even after checking multiple channels labelled as HD, you’ll need to verify the type of cable connecting the box to your TV, the TV’s input setting and digital box output setting.

  1. Make sure only HDMI or Component cords are used, and verify the TV is using the input option you want. Use only the one type of cord, removing any extra cables that might go between the digital box and the TV.

  2. 2016-08-03-TV-input
  3. Check your TV’s zoom setting to ensure the picture hasn’t been zoomed in
  4. Check the output on the Shaw digital box is set for HD output. Go to “Menu”, then “Settings”, then “Video Output” and make sure the resolution is set to 1080p/1080i.