A MySQL database will need to be set up before you can install phpBB forum, WordPress / Joomla or any other web based software that requires a MySQL database.

You can use the MySQL Manager tool to create new databases and manage your existing databases.

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Creating a database

  1. Navigate to your Shaw Hosting portal and login.
  2. Launch MySQL Manager from the dashboard under Utilities.
  3. Click Add a database User
  4. Enter a password and Apply.
  5. Click OK to confirm.
  6. You should now see your new user listed in the table.
  7. Highlight the new username
  8. In the bottom left, enter the password you created earlier and click Login
  9. Select Create.
  10. To create a database
    1. Select Database
    2. Enter name for the database
    3. Click the Build Query button

    4. 2017-08-18-SH-MySQL_07
    5. Click the Run Query & OK to complete
  11. Permissions to view, modify & delete are automatically assigned to the user your logged in with. Click OK to confirm.
  12. Take note of the following information as this will be needed when installing web based software requiring a MySQl database.
    1. Database Username
    2. Database Password (from Step 4)
    3. DB Type
    4. DB Host
    5. Database Name

      You are now ready to install your web based software using the database information listed above!

Modify or Delete Existing Database

Note: This is a powerful application that should only be used by advanced users and with extreme care. If you are not 100% comfortable making these changes please consult your IT person or web designer for assistance.

  1. Log into shawhosting.ca
  2. Go to 'Advanced tools', then select 'Utilities' tab and open 'MySQL Manager'.
    • 2017-08-18-SH-MySQL_01
  3. Select the user that is associated with the database and enter password; select Login
    1. If you have forgotten the username password, check off Yes, I want to change the password for the selected user
    2. Enter a new password, and login with it.

Delete a database

  1. Select Drop
  2. Select Database
  3. Select the database you want deleted
  4. Build Query
  5. Run Query

Modify an existing database

The database manager has limited MySQL commands to make modifications. More advanced users can use phpMyAdmin to run more sophisticated MySQL queries.

The following can be modified with the database manager:

  • Changing user Privileges
  • Restoring Backups
  • Setting a database as the default by running the USE query

Note for PHP, Joomla, & Wordpress users

Important: Outdated software could affect your website functionality. Please see our support article PHP: supported versions & upcoming 7.1 update to see if this may affect you.