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How to perform a channel refresh with My Shaw


If you are missing subscribed channels or free previews, you can refresh the guide on your digital box with the tap of a button in My Shaw.

Channel refresh using My Shaw Website

Currently this feature is not available to business accounts for My Shaw phone app.

To use:

  1. Login in to My Shaw
  2. Click on TV at the top of the page
  3. On the right-hand side under Rogers Business Support click the Refresh my channel listings link
  4. A confirmation message is shown. Click Refresh.

Your channel listings will now refresh. You will see the modem lights start to flash as it begins its reboot process. The modem can take 10-15 minutes to come back online.

This feature can be used once per day. If this does not resolve the issue then contact Business Technical Support.


More information on My Shaw features can be found on My Shaw Features

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