How to restart your business modem with My Shaw


Having trouble with your business Internet? Using My Shaw, you can restart your modem with the tap of a button to fix connectivity issues.

Modem restart using My Shaw Website

Notice: For Advantage Voice customers or any other VOIP phone through Rogers Business Internet, once the modem restarts, it will knock the phone system offline until the modem is back online again.

If you are experiencing either slow speeds or no connection at all, you can restart your modem with the tap of a button in My Shaw.

At this time, if you have more than one modem on your business account, only the first listed modem will be restarted.

To use:

  1. Login in to My Shaw
  2. Click on Internet at the top of the page
  3. On the right hand side under Shaw Business Support click the Modem Restart link

You will see the modem lights start to flash as it begins it's reboot process. The modem can take 10-15 minutes to come back online.

This feature can be used once per hour. If this does not resolve the issue then contact Business Technical Support.


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