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Features of Rogers Business Online Presence Builder


Discover some of the features of Online Presence Builder from Rogers Business. Our website builder tool will make it easy to create your own business website.

Key features


  • Instant Online Presence website
  • Sample industry content
  • Pre-populated 'Contact us' information
  • Auto-generated email contact form
  • Intuitive, user-friendly editor with drag-and-drop WYSIWYG editing capabilities
  • Add text blocks, images, image galleries, buttons, lead forms, videos, lists, menus, customer quotes, Google maps, social media widgets, and more
  • Embed HMTL code
  • Add as many pages as you need
  • Hover help tips and tricks
  • Preview your site in desktop, tablet, and mobile views

Images & Video Content

  • Access HTML snippets and block quotes
  • Built-in image galleries in different layouts, including classic, slideshow, filmstrip, mosaic, and slider
  • Add YouTube videos to use with a built-in video search
  • Crop and resize images
  • Add text to images

Design Elements

  • Modern design themes that are mobile optimized for tablets and smartphones
  • Hero images with slideshow support and pre-formatted royalty-free image selections
  • Supports sub-navigation
  • Drag and drop in pre-formatted blocks for headings, text, images, text links, image and text combinations, HTML snippets, and block quotes
  • Lay out content in columns, rows, collapsible rows, tabs, and accordion style rows, and save reusable content
  • Add lead forms, call-to-actions, tables, and numbered or bulleted lists

Additional Features

  • Customize page names, URLs, keywords, and descriptions per page to help with SEO efforts
  • Add Google Analytics, embedded searches, overall keywords and meta-descriptions, header HTMLs, and more
  • Add Google maps and operating hours for your business
  • Get social by adding a Facebook 'Like' button, 'Send', button, 'Follow' button, page widget, or Facebook comments
  • Manage your Online Presence pages in one simple menu
  • Built-in help
  • Access a built-in Support Center resource for helpful articles on creating, customizing, and optimizing your online presence

Additional Resources

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