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Hotel Managed WiFi - In Room Casting


Shaw Business is enhancing your hotel video experience with In Room casting. This will allow you to stream apps right from your device to the TV in your hotel room.


Chomecast Icon Here are some answers to some of the most common questions asked about Google Chromecast.

Do I need to download an application on my device?

No, as long as you already have an application that supports Google Casting, like Netflix or Spotify.

Do I need a subscription to access content?

That depends on the application you are using. If a subscription is required, the application will inform you. If you already have a subscription and it is already configured on your device, you should not have to provide your account information.

Do I need to log out of my account once I leave?

No, the Chromecast does not record your account information. A one-time "key" is exchanged between your mobile device and the Chromecast when you cast content, and it is automatically deleted once the content playback is stopped.

What devices are compatible?

All recent iOS and Android devices are compatible. The latest versions of Windows and macOS are also supported.


My application does not have a casting icon.

Make sure you are using the latest version of your application and that the application supports Google cast.

My device is ready, but it is not being displayed on the TV.

Make sure the TV is turned on and set to the correct HDMI input to display the content. To switch inputs, keep pressing the source/input button on the remote.

When I try to cast, the list of devices remains empty.

Make sure you are connected to the correct WiFi network and then follow the steps above again. Or try closing and restarting your application.

Still no luck?

Contact our technical support team, open 24 hours. The contact info is listed on the tent card located in your room.

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