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Learn how to use Shaw Hostings File Manager Pro to manage your website files. Discover tips and tricks on how to best use this tool.

File Manager Pro Overview

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File Manager Pro cannot manage sites that were built with Online Presence Builder.

File Manager Pro allows you to copy, move, delete, rename and edit files; create and remove directories; change file permissions; and upload files from a local computer to a server.

It is located under Advanced tools by logging in to the web portal at

How to use File Manager Pro

  • This tool is best used to manipulate files that have previously been uploaded to the website.
  • To upload more than one file at a time, an FTP client such as Filezilla is generally more efficient.

    General directory structure

    File Manager Pro directory structure

Right click on files for advanced options

Restoring your site with FIle Manager Pro

File Restore is an app included in File Manager Pro that allows customers to restore their business website to a previous point in time. This can be useful if you need to revert your site back to a previous iteration or back prior to a recent update.

info iconFile Restore cannot restore sites that were built with Online Presence Builder.

How to use File Restore

  1. Open File Restore, read through the instructions, then select Next.

Shaw hosting file restore

  1. Choose a point in time to which you would like restore from the drop-down menu. Then select Next.

Click Next

  1. Select which files to restore, select Restore, then select Confirm when you are prompted to confirm the selected files for restoration.

File restore completed

Your site will now be restored to back to the restore point you chose.

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