Learn best practices on how to update your Business contact and security information and how Shaw Business uses this information to keep you informed and secure.

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Key Points

  • A security record ensures Shaw knows who is allowed to call in for account changes.
  • Requests to change your account or get account information will require providing the Shaw representative your security code.
  • Planned maintenance that could cause downtime will be sent for email notification to the contacts listed on your file (more info in our article Maintenance Notifications).
  • Your security record on file with us contains the following information:
    • Primary administrator contact.
    • 6 digit security number.
    • Technical contacts (optional, used only for Maintenance Notifications).
    • Static IP information (if applicable).

When is the security code required?

When account details or a change to service is requested to the account it must first be verified by a Shaw Business Representative.

  • Account Specific information, such as account number, address or phone number.
  • Request to change product packaging, contact info, passwords, or any other account details.
  • Setting up Call Forwarding or a change to phone settings.
  • Static IP add, change or remove requests including PTR/Reverse DNS records.
  • Adding new equipment to an account.

When verification isn't needed

Verification isn't needed for anything that's general and could be done without seeing the account.

  • Information about new plan options.
  • General Troubleshooting of services that doesn't require providing account details:
        • Guide through Email configuration (where customer knows username/password).
        • TV troubleshooting (excluding adding additional equipment to an account).
        • Phone issues (excluding changing a Voice Mail PIN, setup Call Forward, or any other account changes).

      Updating your security file

      To request an update to your security file, have the primary contact send an email to technicalsupport@shawbusiness.ca including the account number and current security code. Make sure the email contains all information that needs to be changed. Once this is received, a support representative will make the changes and then re-send the security file for review. Verify all changes you needed were made, replying back if any further changes are needed.

      Forgotten or no existing security code

      Re-send option
      If you have forgotten or misplaced your security code, we can send again to the primary email address or fax number listed on your security file with us.

      Formal request option
      If you never had a security code, or no longer have access to the listed email address or fax number on your security file, and can't remember your security code, you'll need to make a formal request to update your record:

      1. Contact technical support about updating your record and get a case number.
      2. Create formal request document.
        • Document must be printed on company letter head (if you don’t have a letter head, please make one).
        • Document must be typed out (hand written requests will not be accepted).
      3. Include all listed details in request document:
        • Account number.
        • Case number: from step 1.
        • 6 digit security code: create a 6 digit code (numeric characters only, no letters. Code will be required to make account changes or provide account details. Share this code only with authorized personnel).
        • Statement authorizing the passing/exchanging of information on the account.
        • Company Contacts: include name, position, email address, direct phone number, fax number.
          • Primary contact (required, only 1): should be someone with signing authority for the company.
          • Technical contacts (optional, up to 4): not emailed security code, but will receive all other account info including account number.
          • All contacts also receive maintenance notifications.
      4. Print completed document on company letterhead and have primary contact add their signature of authorization.
      5. Send signed document back for processing:
      6. For urgent requests, after following above, call technical support and advise if document was faxed or emailed.