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Shaw Business maintenance notifications

To ensure you have the best chance of being notified of any planned maintenance that may cause temporary TV, Phone or Internet outages, follow the Shaw Business Support information about our maintenance notification process.

Planned Network Outages Frequently Asked Questions


Do I need to provide access to the premises or physically be present during the implementation?

  • No, this will be done remotely by our implementation team.

What is the reason for this maintenance?

  • We upgrade and maintain our network regularly to provide the best in class service for our customers and prevent any unexpected outages.

Why is maintenance done at this time of day?

  • Night time: Whenever possible, maintenance will take place during the hours of midnight to 6am to reduce impact for most customers.
  • Day time: This is avoided when possible, but some work requires daylight hours due to third party involvement, noise bylaws, safety concerns, city/provincial permit requirements, or a combination of these factors.

Is there any cost to me?

  • No, this is part of our regular upgrades and it is free of charge.

When will the outage happen?

  • The outage information should be outlined in the email. If you did not receive an email, please contact:

Can you reschedule the date?

  • Due to the resources and impact on other customers we need to proceed as scheduled.

I have several services or locations with Shaw, which one will be impacted?

  • Mentioned circuit ID, BPSO or account number in the email notice is unique for your service that will be impacted. For more information regarding your services and address please contact:

How do I update my contact email address to receive these types of notices?

What should I do if I need to setup a fail over for my phone during this outage?

What is a forced relocate?

  • These types of works are normally initiated by 3rd parties due to different reasons such as road construction. Shaw does not have control on the date and time of the occurrence.

Why did I receive such short notice for an emergency event?

  • There is an open incident and it needs to be fixed as soon as possible to prevent further outages.

Where can I ask my technical questions?

Maintenance Notifications


Verify you're included on our notification list

Notifications go out by email to the email addresses that we have on file for your business.

Verify you're included on our notification list

Notifications go out by email to the email addresses that we have on file for your business.

Notification process

  • Notifications are emailed for planned maintenance work that anticipates causing an impact to business accounts and are sent using the primary and technical email addresses in your security record, as mentioned above.

  • Be sure to whitelist emails coming from one of the following:

  • Unplanned maintenance work resulting from weather damage, traffic accidents, and other sudden impacts to our services will be handled immediately, rather than waiting for the formal notification process before proceeding. These can be checked at or by calling Shaw Business Support.

I received a notification. How can I find out more?

Visit to check on local service notifications and maintenance and outage information.

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