Learn how to setup and customize your auto attendant menu through your group admin portal and record custom greetings.

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Customize auto attendant

  1. Sign into smartvoice.shawbusiness.ca with your group admin credentials.
  2. In 'Dashboard' tab, scroll down to 'Auto Attendant' section and select 'Settings'.
    • Auto attendant (click to enlarge)
  3. Key sections:
    1. Business/After/Holiday Hours tabs: use the tabs to help manage after hours or holiday menus if you want other times to have different menu prompt options.
    2. Business Hours drop down: when to use the dialing menu listed below.xxx
      • Every Day All Day: use to give same menu 24/7.
      • Work Hours: use when you'll have a different menu outside your business hours.
      • After Hours: don't use. If you've setup your business hours, always select 'Work Hours' here, and use tabs above to manage the after hours menu options.
    3. Business Hours Greeting: record a personal greeting and upload the audio file .
    4. Business Hours Dialing Menu: pick call action for each phone key option. If callers makes no selection for 15 seconds, they'll be transferred to your designated operator.
    • Auto attendant sections (click to enlarge)
  4. Press 'Save' when done.

Record auto attendant greetings by phone

To record your greetings by phone, you'll need your group voice portal 'extension' and 'passcode' info, and auto attendant extension number.
Find this in your group admin portal:

  1. Sign into smartvoice.shawbusiness.ca with your group admin credentials.
  2. Select 'Group Services' tab, then select 'Site Services' menu and select 'Voice Portal'.
    • Voice portal access (click to enlarge)
  3. The passcode and extension can viewed and changed here.
    • Voice portal management (click to enlarge)
  4. Press 'Save' if you made changes.

Calling in

  1. Use any phone within the auto attendant group.
  2. Access voice portal by dialling group voice portal extension number or '*98'.
    1. At prompt for passcode, press '*'.
    2. Enter group voice portal extension, followed by '#'.
    3. Enter administrator passcode, followed by '#'.
  3. Group voice portal will announce administrator main menu.
    1. Enter auto attendant extension, followed by '#'.
    2. Follow prompts to update your greetings.
      • Sub-menu greetings can only be managed through uploading audio files in group admin portal.

For full details on configuring time schedules and auto attendants, view our video tutorial or read our auto attendant user guide.